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In 1471 the Battle of Barnet was faught between the Duke of York's troops led by Edward IV and followers of the rebel Richard Neville. This historic battle is one of Barnet's earliest claims to fame. In times past Barnet also hosted a large local fair, which was obviously widely known of, as it is the source of the well known rhyming-slang term for hair!

Barnet was also a one-time home to Samuel Pepys, the famous author of the Pepys diaries.

These days Barnet is a mix of many cultures with large Asian and African populations as well as the UK's largest Jewish community. The borough has a Conservative-dominated council, and is home to over 300,000 people, two thirds of whom are home-owners.

Locationwise, in relation to the rest of Greater London, the borough is situated on the northern edge and was formed by combining several urban areas from both Middlesex and Hertfordshire in 1965.

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