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About The Orange Room

The Orange Room restaurant in London's Mile End has had a face lift. Once a quirky, unpolished gem of a restaurant, The Orange Room now boasts smart, bright decoration with new posters of Arabian views. The shisha pipe has been relocated outside, of course, but it puffs on. The Orange Room is exactly what you want - friendly, delicious, generous, with all-day service that's affordable even the day before payday. Signature Lebanese dishes include the massive list of fifty meze, lamb dishes, vegetarian choices and lovely mango lassi. Bring your own wine for a £2 corkage fee. In the cold-hearted city, The Orange Room is a haven.

Sample a la carte


- Moutabal (grilled aubergine with sesame sauce and lemon juice) £3.75
- Jibneh (fried halloumi cheese served on a bed of salad) £3.50
- Makanek (fried Lebanese lamb sausages) £3.95
- Jawaneh (grilled chicken wings in a garlic and lemon sauce) £3.95

Other starters are available.

Main Course

- Chicken Shawarmah (roasted thin slices of chicken) £8.50
- Lahem Meshwi (tender lamb meat cubes grilled on a skewer with tomatoes and onions)£9.50
- Mixed Grill (lamb cubes, minced lamb, chicken cubes, tomatoes and onions on grilled skewers) £9.50
- Shish taouk (boneless chicken cubes marniated in garlic, lemon juiceand olive oil, grilled on skewers) £9.25
- Kafta halabieh (minced lamb with parsley and onions grilled on skewers) £9.25
- Moussakkaa with rice (fried aubergines, chick peas, tomato sauce & spices served with rice) £8.50

Other main courses are available.


- Muhallabia (milk based ground rice pudding with pistachios and flavoured with rose water and orange blossom) £2.60
- Baklwaw (Lebanese sweets)£2.50

Additional Information


63 Burdett Road, Mile End, E3 4TN

Nearest tube:

Mile End

Average Price:

£24 and Under

Opening times:

Mon - Sun: 9am - 12am

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