The Olympic Park

The Olympic Park is the area that was the main focal point for the 2012 Olympic Games in London. In particular it hosted the Opening and Closing Ceremonies and the showcase athletics events as well as swimming, diving, hockey and cycling.

The Olympic Park itself occupies an area of about 500 acres, in a location near Stratford, in the East of London. This site was home to the Athletes Village, the Aquatics Centre, the Hockey Centre, the Velopark as well as the centrepiece which is the main Olympic Stadium.

Many thousands of visitors flocked to the Olympic Park both during and after the games. Many extra facilities were added to the site to enhance the visitor experience. During the Games, people were able to take a stroll within the complex and still enjoy the spectacle of sport as there were a number of large screens dotted about, broadcasting all the exciting events.

The Olympic Park was designed to make a big impression on anyone who was fortunate enough to go and visit. Apart from its size and impressive architecture, it was set in a scenic location with a river running alongside the Olympic Park area and plenty of wildlife so visitors and athletes were able to take a walk along a path around the whole Olympics site to enjoy the natural environment and take a break from the hubbub of the Olympic Village.

To facilitate the massive influx of people during the Olympics fortnight, provision was made to improve transport links to the venues. The Olympic Park was served by eleven railway links, with the Tube system undergoing significant improvement works to ensure that everyone could arrive safely and with the minimum of fuss. Great care was taken throughout the planning process to ensure that the Park was accessible to all so that everyone had the chance to enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime experience. Visitors that held a valid ticket for one of the venues of the Games, were even allowed to travel for free on Public Transport on the day of the event.

Since the Games, the Olympic Park has become mixed use site with a variety of leisure, business, academic, technological and residential uses.