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London's vast range of pubs, bars and ale houses range from the spit and sawdust local (so favoured by the 'we wanna see the Real London ' tourists) to the elegant and historical pubs of yesteryear to the beer swilling, sticky, stinking red carpets of the noisy karaoke/live music type of venues.

The breweries are moving the clean up and rebrand some of the older pubs. In doing so they lose a lot of the charm and history in the process. Part of the appeal of the London pub was that they were so individual. The new pubs springing up all over the place are all too often so cloned and so alike, but new and original ones are appearing all the time too. Watch this space for new listings.

We've purposely separated our 'Bars' and 'Pubs' section, because in reality they are worlds apart from each other. Choose away from our selections below.

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