London Transport

London's public transport system is fast and efficient at its best; infuriating, confusing and crowded at its worst. One need only travel through the rush hours (7 - 9 am, 5 - 6 pm) to see an example of the latter.

Most Londoners use the Underground ('tube') as a means of getting around inside the city. However the bus services that operate are also excellent, for that difficult to reach location.

Link to: Map of the Tube - London Underground

Failing that, hail a black cab who operate on a variety of metered tariffs. If you're heading out of town, you will be travelling by Rail, car or coach.

Transport Articles

  • Buses

    Throughout London, buses are numbered, the numbers referring to the route the bus is following. Some of their key destinations are also indicated on the front of the bus, next... more »

  • Night buses

    As the transport networks grind to a halt at around midnight, the night buses take over. Look for the 'N' sign at the bus stop or on the bus. Most... more »

  • London Underground

    London's famous Underground system is the oldest of its type in the world - the first services started running in the 1860's - and is known affectionately as 'The Tube'... more »

  • Using the London Underground

    Either turn to the 'Maps' section for a full Underground map, or get a map and timetable from any Underground station. The various different 'lines' are colour coded and there are... more »

  • Taxis

    Black cabs are knowledgeable and (usually) quite helpful. Travelling by cab is the most pleasurable method of transport in London. Hail a cab if the yellow 'For Hire' sign is... more »

  • Trains

    Best for heading out of town, choose the station that services the line that is most appropriate. Telephone the station of choice to request more information about services to other... more »

  • Travel Cards

    You can purchase these cards in one day or one week denominations and they are available from tube and rail stations, as well as some newsagents. Travel cards usually allow... more »

  • London Postcodes

    London was the first region of the British Isles to have postcodes, the initial system having been set up in the 19th century - much earlier than than the rest... more »

  • London Transport Museum

    The London Transport Museum charts the development of transport, from the first horse drawn bus to the very latest in technology. Housed in a section of the old Covent Garden... more »

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