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People forget that we invented Nouvelle Cuisine. (We did! It was British Chef who took his ideas to France) Personally I would rather forget Nouvelle Cuisine altogether, but for those that like it there's a plethora of choice on offer.

That's the word. Choice. We have become rightly famed for our recent gastronomic changes, and London's fine restaurants can now justly compete with New York and Paris and other international players. The culinary revolution was probably led by Sir Terrence Conran, who set about revolutionising the way we eat out some years ago. He's got about ten restaurants now, and theres more on the way, as well as expansion into Europe, beginning in Paris.

His restaurants are lively (Zinc, Cantina Del Ponte), large (Bluebird, Quaglinos, Mezzo, smart (Orrery, Pont De La Tour, Bibendum).

The new name snapping at his heels is Oliver Peyton, the man behind the Atlantic Bar and Grill, Coast and, now, Mash. Oliver understands the crowd he is trying to please. Prior to his role as restaurateur, he was the man behind the Raw club back in the late eighties. We also can thank him for Sapporo beer and Absolut Vodka. Quite an entrepreneur.

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