London Clubs

London's explosive club and dance scene caters for every taste and persuasion, and the biggest dilemma you should face before embarking on a night out on the town, is which big party to head to.

It all depends on what you want from a night out. Sophistication and mainstream disco (and expensive drinks to boot) can be found in Mayfair, Chelsea, Kensington, Knightsbridge and parts of the West End. Smart attire is usually essential for these venues, as well as a healthy bank account.

London's trendy young things, however, are more likely to grace the presence of one of almost two hundred 'one nighters' occurring throughout the week. Details of these one nighters will be posted here, on LOL, on a regular basis, but it makes sense to ring the venue before venturing out, as one-nighters have a habit of disappearing or cancelling. The selections listed below are some of the more established nights. Dress code at these venues can vary depending on the music policy, and some venues are tightening up - again, check with the venue.

London's nightlife begins in the West End and ends somewhere near the M25. The West End has a fair share of excellent venues, and a fair share of tourist rip off joints. The sheer scale of nightlife in London means that word of mouth is by far the best policy. Try to avoid the fancy coloured fliers given out around Leicester Square - often these lead to over- priced tourist traps. Do, however, pick up fliers from 'clubbier' clothes stores, and independent record shops.

Clubs are generally licensed for alcohol until about 3am. Many clubs now operate until dawn, thanks to new legislation, but after 3am the only drink you'll be able to buy is Lucozade, Diet Coke or some mind bending 'smart' drink.