Beware of Dubious Emails

It has been brought to our attention that someone has been sending spam emails claiming to be from "London Online Sweepstakes". This appears to be a scam and is absolutely nothing to do with us - we are not involved in sweepstakes or gambling in any form.

A number of people - who have received an email claiming that they have won some kind of lottery - have also got in touch with us to ask if we can confirm whether the email is genuine or not. We cannot confirm whether you have won a lottery as we have nothing to do with lotteries.

However, bear in mind the following: most lotteries require that participants purchase a lottery ticket, after all the payout usually comes from the ticket revenue. So if you receive an email advising you that you have won, but you have not actually bought a ticket, be sceptical. Often such emails ask you to pay a fee so that they can transfer the funds to you. Why would they not deduct the fee from the winnings? And what kind of a business model is giving away £millions to people who never even bought a ticket anyway?