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About Buses

Throughout London, buses are numbered, the numbers referring to the route the bus is following. Some of their key destinations are also indicated on the front of the bus, next to the number.

At the bus stop check the timetable for times and destinations, better still get a timetable from bus stations, underground or some newsagents (or a travel information centre).

The type of bus that will arrive depends upon the route or the company servicing the route. The classical double deckers will either have a conductor (in which case you board the bus from the back) or (as with the single deckers) you pay the driver at the front. Check with the driver/conductor to see that the bus is going in the right direction.

On route keep your eyes to the road for indications that you are reaching your destination, better still ask a conductor or the driver to help you.

24 Hour, seven days a week information: London Buses Hotline: 0845 300 7000

Admission charge: Varies between routes and zones

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