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About Thai Square - Mansion House

Express lunches and leisurely evening meals are both recommended at this Mansion House branch of the popular Thai Square group. The setting is typical of the chain - dotted with attractive artefacts such as traditional Thai puppets and instruments, lots of bare wood, bright flowers, and well-thought out lighting. Amiable staff bustle around keeping everybody happy in a warm, relaxed atmosphere. Keeping their stomachs contented, meanwhile, is the delicious food. An extensive menu covers all levels of Thai cuisine experience - pad thai for novices, specials for the regulars, and less well known dishes for the adventurous. Even better, everything is reasonably priced, including the drinks.

Sample a la carte


- "Thai square" selection (chicken satay, marinated and char-grilled served with spicy peanut sauce - minimum two people)
- Poh pia goong (prawn spring roll served with chilli sauce)
- Gai hor bai teoy (chicken pieces marinated with our secret ingredients, individually wrapped in spinach leaves and deep fried served with a sweet chilli sauce)
- Kanom jeeb (Thai dim sum served with a soya vinaigrette dressing)

Other starters are available.

Main Course

- Gang kiew wan (choice of beef, chicken or prawn green curry uses fresh green chilli and is cooked in coconut milk with pea aubergines, lime leaves and sweet basil leaves - relatively hot)
- Gang dang (choice of beef, chicken or prawn red curry uses dried long red chilli instead of fresh green chilli and is not so hot cooked in coconut milk with bamboo shoots, lime leaves and basil leaves and garnished with shredded red chilli)
- Gang pa (jungle curry - choice of beef, chicken or venison: jungle curry with dried long red chilli cooked in chicken broth with fresh, young green pepper corns, shredded grachai, aubergines, bamboo shoots and long beans)
- Panang curry (choice of beef, chicken or prawn cooked in coconut cream, presented relatively dry and garnished with shredded lime leaves - relatively hot)
- Mussamun curry (choice of beef, chicken or lamb: mild Muslim ragout from the south of Thailand, cooked in rich coconut curry sauce with onions and peanuts)
- Gang phed ped yang (red duck curry cooked in coconut milk with lychees, pineapple and lime leaves)

Other main courses are available.


- A selection of desserts are available.

Additional Information


1-7 Great St Thomas Apostle, EC4V 2BH

Nearest tube:

Mansion House

Average Price:

£25 - £34

Opening times:

Mon - Fri: 12pm - 3:30pm & 5:30pm - 10:30pm

Dress Code:

Smart casual