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Thumbs up all round for Shikara - modern, elegant design (leather sofas, wooden floor, white walls, clever lighting); wholesome, full-flavoured food; professional service, and all for reasonable prices. The menu concentrates on north India, the historical home of the Maharajas - a place you can taste in every wholesome dish, especially the earthy tandoors, and house specials like jheenga malai. Shikara’s chefs understand how diet effects health - a knowledge reflected in the carefully-chosen herbs and spices - such as lemon leaf (boosts the immune system), and peppercorn (aid digestion) - integral to every dish. Another reason this South Ken Indian stands out from the crowd it allows diners to choose whether your food is cooked in ghee or olive oil. Good, knowledgeable service.

Full a la carte


Non Vegetarian:
1. Samosa £2.95
Crisp, Pastry parcels fluted with lean lamb mince

2. Murg Chat £4.50
Chicken in tangy chatmasala.

3. Lapeta Lamb Kadhi Kebab £4.95
Juicy pieces of lamb, capsicum rolled in a light bread

4. Tandoor Murg £3.95

5. Seekh Kebab £3.25
Marinated lean, tender minced lamb, skewered & grilled over

6. Kashmiri Shami Kebab £3.25
Minced tender lamb patlie season with spices & herbs.

7. Lamb / Murg Tikka £3.95
Diced Morsels, broiled in the tandoor.

8. Adrak ka Chops £4.50
Marinated lamb chops broiled in the tandoor with fresh mint & ginger.

9. Murg Zafrani Tikka £5.50
A delicate rich saffron flavoured kebab

1 0. MachIl Kebab £4.50
Exotic fish patties made with crushed garlic and ginger, seasoned with fresh herbs.

11. Prawn Puree £4.95
Lightly spiced prawns served on puffy fried bread

12. Jheenga Puree £5.95
Lightly spiced king prawns served on puffs fried bread

13. Jheenga Butterfly £5.50
Lightly spiced King Prawn coated and deep fried.

14. Kankra Tikki £5.50
Goan style, fresh Crab flavoured with Garlic and shallow fried

15. Calamari £5.50
Calamari tossed in curry leaves, turmeric, lemon juice, chopped onions and spices

16. Machli ke Pakoda £5.50
Fried Cod fish strips coated with mild ghramflour (batter).

17. Onion Bhajia £2.95

18. Samosa £2.95
Crisp Pastry parcels filted with fresh vegetables

19. AIoo Bonda £3.95
South Indian style delicate potato balls with hint of mustard seed, served with mint chutney.

20. Paneer Tikki £4.50
Grated Indian home made cheese combined with Potatoes & spices, coated and deep fried

21. Soup of the Day £2.75

Main Course

(from the Clay Oven)
Rich offerings from the charcoal-fired clay oven - All these dishes marinated in
special blend of spices & broiled in Tandoor, served with house Chutneys and fresh Salad

22. Murg Tandoor £7.50
Half a spring Chicken o on the bone marinated with yogurt & spices and broiled
in Tandoor

23. Lamb Tikka £6.95
Boneless Lamb morsels marinated in saffron & selected fresh spices

24. Murg Tikka £6.95
Boneless Murg morsels marinated in saffron & selected fresh spices

25. Murg Shashlik £7.95
Diced pieces at Murg grilled with Onion, Green pepper and tomatoes

26. Adraki Chops £7.95
lamb chops marinated with ginger grilled with bouquet of fresh mint

27. Jheenqa Gulmohar £11.50
Succulent Ring Prawns marinated in saffron. mustard, ginger and
garlic paste

28. Mixed Grill £12.95
Consists of Tandoor Chicken,Chicken & Lamb Tikka, Seekh Kebab & Jheenga Gulmohar served with a Naan

29. Machli Tikka £9.95
Salmon marinated in carom seed and spices

30. Badak Tandoori £9.95
Diced pieces of succulent barbary duck. Marinated in herbs & spices

Dumpukht - Finest Basmati rice steam cooked in sealed pot with either Murg, Lamb, Prawns, King Prawns or Vegetables.
Served with Vegetable Curly & Raitha

31. Chicken Biryani £10.50

32. Lamb Biryani £10.50

33. Prawn Biryani £10.95

34. King Prawn Biryani £12.95

35. Vegetable Biryani £7.95

36. Kashmiri Lamb/ Chicken Biryani £11.95
Lamb! Chicken cooked in layer of dried apricots and Almond flakes

Balti is a traditional North Indian Dish. Originating from a place in Kashmir called
Baltistan. The dishes are freshly cooked in a special balti pan (wok) & very highly
spiced. These dishes can be served medium or hot on request.

37. Murg Balti £7.95
Specialiy prepared chicken cooked in bald sauce

38. Lamb Balti £7.95
Diced pieces of lamb cooked in balti sauce

39. Prawn Balti £7.95
Prawn sauteed in onion & spices in balti sauce

40. King Prawn Balti £11 .95
King Prawn sauteed in onion & spices in balti sauce

41. Buffer Murg £7.95
Chicken tikka glazed in the tandoor, then simmered in a buttery tomato sauce,
flavoured with fenugreek

42. Lamb Pasanda £7.95
Sliced lamb cooked in cultured yogurt, mixed ground nuts and fresh cream

43. Avadhi Lamb Korma £8.50
Lamb cooked in traditionally Avadhi style, base wtih cashewnuts and poppy seeds

44. Badak Chetfinad £10.25
Tender morsels of Barbary Duck cooked with spicy tomato and coconut masala
-An exotic South Indian speciality

45. Laal Moos £8.50
Fairly hot, diced lamb cooked in Rajasthani style masala with chopped
onion, tomatoes & red chillies

46. Murg Methi £7.95
Medium hot, Chicken cooked with fresh fenugreek leaves

47. Malabar Monkfish Curry £10.25
Succulent Cubes of Monkfish cooked in aromatic masala sauce

48. Maachli Masaledar £10.50
Medium spiced, Sweetwater fish cooked in Bengal style

49. Fish Koffa Masala £8.95
Fresh fish patties with garlic, root ginger cooked with saffron in a creamy sauce

50. Jheenga Malai £11 .50
Freshwater Tiger prawns cooked with ginger & green chillies in a rich coconut sauce.

51. Achar Gosht J £7.95
Tender morsels of lamb prepared with Red chillies, cumin, fennel & fenugreek
seeds with Pickling spice.

52. Goshf / Murg Karahi £8.50
Lamb / Chicken cooked in onions, crushed garlic, ginger,capsicums and variety
of freshly ground herbs & spices, tossed and served in Karahi (souk).

53. Jheenga Karahi £11.25
Succulent King prawns Cooked in crushed garlic, ginger, capsicums and variety
of freshly ground herbs & spices, tossed and served in Karahi (souk).

54. Garlic Gosht / Murg £8.25
Diced lamb or Chicken cooked garlic flakes
to our chef's special recipe. Highly recommended!

55. Gosht/Murg Green Masala £7.95
Diced lamb or Chicken cooked in a variety of fresh, green herbs, garlic.
green chillies and lemon juice, sharp & hot.

56. Jheenga Green Masala £10.95

59. Lamb/Murg Jalfiarzi £7.95
Tender pieces of Iamb or Murg tikka sautéed with onions, green peppers,
and green chillies.

57. Murg Tikka Masala £10.95
Charcoal roasted Chicken simmered in butter, saffron and creamy masala sauce.

58. King Prawn Masala £10.95

60. King Prawn Jalfiarzi £8.50
Glazed king prawn sauteed with onions, green peppers, green chillies & spices

Traditional Dishes:
66. Murq Korma £6.95
Diced hicken, flavoured with ground nuts & cooked in fresh cream

67. Murg Curry £6.50

68. Murg Madras or Vindaloo £6.95
Fairly hot / very hot

69. Murg Bhuna
Fairly hot, chicken cooked with onion and spices

70. Sagwala Murg £6.95
Medium hot, Chicken cooked with fresh Spinach.

71. Murg Rogon Josh £6.95
Medium hot, lamb garnished with tomatoes, capsicurn, onions & spices.

72. Murg Dupiaza £6.95
Chicken cooked with onions & spices.

73. Lamb Curry £6.50

74. Lamb Madras or Vindaloo 95
Fairly hot ft I very hot

75. Lamb Rogon josh £3.95

76. Lamb Shuna £6.95

77. Sagwala Gosht £6.95

78. Lamb Dupiaza £6.95

79. Kofta Curry £6.95
Spicy meat balls in gravy

80. Bangalore Phall £6.95
Extremely hot, lamb cooked in Bangalore style.


81. Prawn Curry £6.95

82. Prawn Madras or Vindaloo £7.25
Fairly hot or very hot

83. Prawn Dupiaza (enriched with onions) £7.50

84. Prawn Ceylon (hot with nut sauce)

85. Prawn Bhuna £7.50

86. King Prawn Korma (mild) £10.95

87. King Prawn Curry £10.50

88. King Prawn Madras l
or Vindaloo £10.50

89. King Prawn Bhuna £10.95

90. Sagwala King Prawn £10.95
Cooked with fresh spinach


91. Adraki Aloo Gobi £5.95
Stir fried potatoes and cauliflower florets tossed with fresh ginger, tomato! onion

92. Miloni Tarkari £5.95
Assorted seasonal vegetables mild spiced & sauted with onions & tomatoes

93. Paneer Kofte £6.95
Cottage cheese dumplings deep fried & simmered in rich gravy

94. Paneer Makhanwala £6.95
Diced home made cheese glazed in tandoor and cooked in tomato gravy

95. Aloo Brinjal Dupiaza £6.95
Potatoes & Aubergines cooked with chunks of onions and green peppers


96. Boiled Basmati Rice £1.95

97. Pilau Basmati Rice £2.25

98. Mushroom Rice £3.25

99. Vegetable Rice £3.25

100. Special Fried Rice £3.50
Basmati rice fried with egg peas & hint of spice

101. Niramish £3.50
seasonal vegetables

102. Baingczn Bhaji £3.50
Aubergines sautéed in onions & spices

103. Mushroom Bhaji £3.50

104. Bhindi Bhaji £3.50
fresh okra

104. Saag Bhaji £3.50
fresh spinach

106. Soag Aloo £3.50

107. saag Paneer £4.50

108. Muller Paneer £4.50

109. Jeera Paneer £4.50
Chickpeas tossed with onions

110. Dum AIoo £3.50

111. Dum AIoo Gobi £3.50

112. Chana Pindi Masala £3.50
Chickpeas tossed with onions & peppers-a true panjabi stlye

113. Tarka Daat £3.50
lentils with garlic

114. Kali DaaI £4.50
black urad lentils cooked in butter and cream

115. bk DaaI £4.50
Spicy lenti with dried mango

116. Mixed Raitha £2.25

117. Green Salad £2.25


118. Naan £1.95

119. Keema Naan £2.25
Lean mince lamb

120. Peshwari Naan £2.25
Ground almond nuts & raisins

121. Stuffed Naan £2.25

122. III ke Naan £2.25
Sesame seeds

123. Laccha Paratha £2.25

124. Vegetable Paratha £2.25

125. Pudina Paratha (fresh mini) £2.25

126. Chapati £1.50

127. Plain Puppadom £0.50

128. Masala Puppadom £0.50

129. Chutney Carousel (Per head) £0.50


61. Lomb Nehari £13.95
Shank of lamb cooked in aromatic spices with baby potatoes, carrots. Mushroom,
green pepper served Pulao Basmali rice and Salad.

62. Murg Musallam £13.95
Piece of Spring Chicken on the bone cooked in thick lamb mince gravy with
served with seasonal vegetable, Pulao Basmati rice and Salad.

63. Patrani Machli £13.95
Steamed Salmon Steak marinated in mustard, curry leaves and ground spices
served with seasonal vegetables, lemon basmali rice and Salad

64. Shikara Akayla Special (for one) £16.95
Starter: Onion Bhajia, Seekh Kebab. Main Course: Karahi Gosht, Vegetables, Pilau Rice & Naan

65. Shikara Deluxe Special (for two) £35.95
Starter: Mixed Grill & Naan, Main Course: Butler Murg, Achar gosht, Vegetables, Pilau Rice, Kulfi & Coffee


Vanilla & caramel ice cream, with
chocolate balls, toffee pieces &
caramel sauce

Vanilla ice cream in a free plastic toy.

Whole glass filled with delicious
ice cream combined with chocolate sauce, topped with pieces of Hazelnut.

Glass filed with strawberry flavoured dairy ice cream, topped with mixed berties.

Pistachio kulfi served in a ceramic bowl (matka) containing saffron sauce & specially flavoured chopped almond & pistachio nuts.

Indian sweet doughnut dipped in golden syrup.

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Mon - Sun 12pm - 3pm & 5.30pm- 11.30pm

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