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Barcelona V is fifth in a chain of popular Spanish restaurants founded by father and son team, Martin and David Dalmau. The group's tag line is 'the authentic taste of Spain in London' - which happily seems to be the case. This City venture is a brightly-painted basement room on Lime Street near Leadenhall Market and Lloyds of London. Orange wall edges are decorated with colourful, swirling mosaic tile work featuring the trademark lizard. Feast on an aromatic wealth of mouthwatering tapas - tender beef meat balls, Mediterranean prawns, deep-fried baby calamares, paella, patatas bravas - they're all on the menu. Plenty of vegetarian dishes. Excellent home made crema Catalana, and a fantastic selection of Spanish wines listed by denominación de origen. Real Spanish vibe.

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Main Course

Meats & Poultry

- ALBÓNDIGAS A LA BARCELONESA (Fresh home made beef meatballs with peppers, onions & tomatoes - house speciality) - £4.95
- FABADA ASTURIAN (Asturian pork & white bean stew with Chorizo, morcilla and tomato) - £2.95
- HABAS CATALANAN (Rich Catalan stew made with butifarra, a type of black pudding & broad beans) - £2.95
- CROQUETAS DE JAMON IBERICO (Exquisite bite size croquettes of Iberico ham, tasty and very Moorish) - £3.50
- CROQUETAS DE POLLO (Chicken croquettes made to our special recipe. Bread crumbed & fried till golden brown) - £3.25
- POLLO AL AJILLO (Pieces of chicken sautéed with garlic, spices & white wine) - £3.95
- POLLO ADOBADO (Tender strips of chicken marinated with Paprika, chilli, cumin & other spices) - £4.25
- BROCHETA DE POLLO (A grilled skewer of marinated chicken & Mushrooms) - £5.95
- CALLOS A LA MADRILENA (A speciality from Madrid, tripe stewed slowly With tomatoes and chorizo & chick peas) - £3.95
- PINCHO DIABLO (Hot! Spicy Hot! Pieces of pork marinated In Spanish paprika, chillies & red wine) - £3.25
- LOMO ADOBADO (Grilled loin of pork, marinated in red wine, Cumin & paprika) - £4.50
- PINCHO MORUNO (Highly seasoned skewered cubes of pork With cumin & paprika, marinated in red wine and grilled to perfection) - £5.95
- CHORIZO AL VINO (Spanish spicy sausage cooked with wine) - £3.50
- BUTIFFARRA Y SECAS (Traditional pork sausage from Catalonia Served with fried white beans) - £5.75
- CHISTORRA (A long thin ring of sausage made of lean Pork, slightly smoked and with lots of sweet pimenton, cumin and paprika) - £4.25
- RIÑONES AL JEREZ (Lamb kidneys sautéed in onions & Sherry from Xerex) - £3.95
- CORDERO AL LIMON (Pieces of tender lamb infused with Garlic & lemon) - £4.25
- PINCHO CORDER (Pieces of tender lamb infused with spices from Andalucia and then grilled on a skewer) - £5.95
- CHULETAS DE CORDER (Grilled lamb chops served with All-I-Oli, Our home-made Catalan mayonnaise) - £5.25
-TRIO DE PINCHOS (A trio of our popular pinchos chicken, pork and lamb) - £14.95


- MEJILLONES CON SOFRITO (Mussels served in a sauce of finely blended tomato, onions, garlic & white wine) - £3.75
- MEJILLONES AL NATURAL (Green lipped mussels served cold with a choice of black pepper, fresh lemon or plain) - £ 3.50
- BACALAO FRITO (Pieces of fresh cod lightly dusted in flour and egg then shallow fried) - £4.95
- BUÑUELOS DE BACALAO (Golden fried balls of salt cod. A classic tapa in Catalonia) - £4.95
- ESQUEIXADA (Salt cod salad of pepper, onion, tomato & olives dressed with Extra Virgin olive oil) - £4.95
- CHIPIRONES FRITOS (Deep-fried baby calamares served with a twist of lemon) - £3.95
- CALAMARES FRITOS (Golden fried rings of squid) - £4.95
- PESCADITO FRITO (Deep-fried whitebait) - £3.50
- GAMBAS ALL-I-OLI (Mediterranean prawns served cold with a Catalan garlic mayonnaise) - £7.50
- GAMBAS CON GABARDINA (Deep-fried king prawns in a delicate & light batter served with chilli & garlic oil) - £4.95
- GAMBAS AL AJILLO (Peeled tiger prawns cooked in garlic, chilli & white wine) - £6.95
- MUSLITOS DE MAR (Deep-fried breaded crab claws) £4.95
- SARDINAS REBOZADAS (Sardines butterfly filleted & dusted in a light flour & egg coating & shallow fried) - £3.75
- PULPO A LA GALLEGA (Octopus Galician style. Pieces of octopus served with potatoes, sprinkled with sea salt, paprika & olive oil) - £8.95
- ENSALADA DE PULPO (Octopus salad. Red & green peppers, onions, tomatoes & Extra Virgin olive oil with a touch of Xeres vinegar) - £4.95
- BOQUERONES EN VINAGRE (Fresh anchovies (not salty) cured in oil, vinegar & garlic) - £2.95
- ANCHOAS DE CANTABRIA (Traditional Spanish anchovies. Marinated in Extra Virgin olive oil and served with a dash of balsamic vinegar) - £4.95


- ENSALADA DE TOMATE Y CEBOLLA (Tomato & onion salad) - £3.25
- ENSALADA MIXTA (Salad of lollo rosso, frisee and iceberg lettuce with tomato & onion.) - £3.75
- EMPEDRAT (A cold salad of black-eyed beans, tuna & onions dressed in a white wine vinaigrette and extra virgin oil) - £3.75

ARROCES Y PASTAS (Rice and pasta specialities)

- PAELLA HUERTANA (Golden saffron coloured rice cooked with Seasonal vegetables) - £5.95
- PAELLA VALENCIANA (A traditional dish of delicately saffron coloured Rice containing chicken, seafood and shellfish. A king among Paellas. (Minimum 2 persons - Price per person) - £11.95
- PAELLA CATALANA (A tasty Catalan dish of saffron coloured rice With a combination of sausage, chicken and pork (no seafood)(Minimum 2 persons - Price per person) - £9.95
- ARROS NEGRE (Catalan black rice with squid. This house speciality obtains its dramatic natural colouring from the squid ink. (Minimum 2 persons) Price per person) - £9.95
- FIDEUÁ DE PESCADO (Catalan short noodle speciality, a variation on the paella (originated when someone forgot the rice) contains seafood and shellfish. (Minimum 2 persons) Price per person) - £10.95
- FIDEUÁ DE CARNE (Catalan short noodle speciality, a variation on the paella (originated when someone forgot the rice) contains chicken and sausage.(Minimum 2 persons - Price per person) - £9.95

VERDURAS (Vegetable Dishes)

- PATATAS BRAVAS (Deep-fried potato cubes smothered in a spicy hot sauce) - £2.95
- PATATAS ALL-I-OLI (Deep-fried potato cubes with a tasty Catalan garlic mayonnaise) - £2.95
- CHAMPIÑONES AL AJILLO (Fresh button mushrooms sautéed in garlic & white wine) - £3.25
- PIMIENTOS PADRÓN (Small green peppers from Padrón fried with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and sprinkled with sea salt) - £3.50
- PIMIENTOS ASADOS (Grilled red peppers sliced & drizzled with
extra Virgin olive oil & garlic) - £3.50
- ESCALIVADA (Catalan medley of grilled peppers, onions & aubergines, with Extra Virgin olive oil) - £3.95
- TACOS DE BERENJENAS (Cubes of aubergines dusted in flour and egg coating and fried) - £2.95
- ESPARRAGOS BLANCOS (White asparagus served with homemade mayonnaise) - £2.95
- ZARANGOLLO (A typical dish of the rich gastronomy of Levante, courgettes and onions gently cooked with extra Virgin olive oil) - £2.95
- SAMFAINA (A pisto of slow cooked tomatoes, aubergines, peppers, courgettes and onions. A delicious accompaniment to meat or fish) - £3.50

QUESOS (Cheeses)

- TABLA DE QUESOS (A selection of Spanish cheeses. Plenty for 2, maybe 3) - £10.95
- QUESO IBORES (Cheese from Ibores (Extremadura), made with raw milk from Serrana, Retinta or Verata goats. Made using centuries old traditional cheese making methods) - £4.95
- QUESO LAS MIL OVEJAS (Merino ewe's milk from Valdefuentes and La Serena are mixed in Trujillo to obtain a delicious variety of cheese, reminiscent of Manchego but in our opinion superior in taste and texture) - £4.95
- QUESO EL CHAMIZO (Milk from cows and ewes give us this authentic cheese perfectly blended to produce a smooth textured, flavoursome cheese using the artisan methods) - £4.95
- QUESO PICOS BLUE (Exquisite cow's milk cheese, made in the mountains of the Cantabrian coast in 'The Picos of Europa'. It is a semi-soft blue veined cheese, aged 1-2 months. Believed to be the ancestor of Roquefort, having been taken back to France by pilgrims) - £4.95
- TORTA DEL CASAR (A natural cheese made with raw sheep's milk, matured a minimum of 60 days. A unique and creamy texture full of character and intense aroma. A combination of taste sensations only achieved by following years of cheese making traditions) - £6.95


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24 Lime Street, EC3M 7HS

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£25 - £34

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Mon - Fri 11am - 11pm

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Smart Casual