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This little gem in Wandsworth is surely one the locals would like to keep to themselves. One look at the blood red designer chairs, bright white walls and pale wood floor of The Chutney says it all: smart, modern restaurant with character. Pretty floral displays adorn the tables in a room flooded with natural light. Every dish from the Modern Indian menu, they say, is a specialty. But if we had to choose highlights they'd be the moreish mirchi lamb, an incredibly delicious paneer tikka (Indian cheese), an excellent murgh handi laziz chicken and definitely the Goan fish curry. Additionally The Chutney offers a special carrot pudding that can only be found in one shop in Southall. The best table? By the big windows or outside on the grape tree-lined forecourt. Good international wine list. Friendly service. Just a short walk from Wandsworth Town station, the Alma pub and Smugglers Way.

Full a la carte


Vegetarian Starters
- Subzie Uke Pakora (Crisp vegetables and green chilli fritters) £3
- Onion Bhajia (Finely chopped onion mixed with gram flour, seasoned with herbs and condiments, deep fried. Very popular starter) £2.50
- Paneer Tikka (Home made cheese flavourned with fenugreek, chillies and coriander. Cooked in a Tandoor) £2.95
- Vegetable Samosa (Triangles of thin bread stuffed with freshly cooked vegetables) £2.75
- Aloo Tak ( Crispy baby potatoes topped with tamarind, sauce and yoghurt) £3.25
- Vegetarian Platter (Combination of 3 different vegetarian items, subzie uke pakora, paneer tikka, vegetable samosa) £4.50

Non Vegetarian starters
- Keema Pattice (Shallow fried potato cake stuffed with spicy lamb mince and served with chutney) £3.50
- Seekh Kebab Kongri (Spiced lamb mince flavoured with ginger, garlic coriander and ground spices. Cooked on a skewer in the Tandoor oven) £3.25
- Chum Chum Chicken (Chicken pieces marinated in chef’s special recipe) £3.50
- Murgh Pakora (Boneless chicken dipped in gram flour and fried) £3.50
- Chicken Tikka (Chicken breast marinated in fresh ground spices, herbs and yoghurt. Slowly baked in the Tandoor) £3.25
- Salmon Tikka (Scottish salmon marinated in traditional style and cooked in tandoor) £3.25
- Non Vegetarian Platter (Combination of 3 different non vegetarian items, keema pattice, seekh kebab kongri, chicken tikka) £5.00

Main Course

Tandoori Dishes
- Pomfret Tandoori (Whole pomfret marinated in the traditional style. Cooked in Tandoor) £6.75
- Tandoori Lamb Chop (Skewered succulent tender lamb chops marinated with yoghurt, mint and capsicum cooked in tandoor) £6.75
- Chicken Tikka (Chicken breast, marinated in freshly ground herbs, spices and yoghurt. Baked slowly in the tandoor) £6.25
- Tandoori Chicken (Chicken marinated in yoghurt and spices and cooked in tandoor) £6.50
- Salmon Tikka (Scottish salmon marinated in the traditional style and cooked in the tandoor) £6.50
- Tandoori King Prawn ( Succulent king prawns marinated in ginger, garlic and fresh herbs slowly baked in the tandoor) £9.95
- Paneer Shashlik (Chunks of cottage cheese delicately cooked on charcoal with capsicum and tomato) £6.50

Chicken Dishes
- Chicken Korma Razala (Boneless Korma Razala (Boneless chicken cooked with cream and yoghurt with almonds and pistachio nutes) £6.00
- Murgh Handi Laziz (Central Indian style cooking, consisting of tender chicken with pepper, tomato, ginger and other herbs) £6.50
- Murgh Tikka Makhani (This is one of the most popular and classic Indian dishes. It is made with chicken tikka simmered in a creamy tomato and nut sauce with fenugreek flavouring £6.50
- Daba Murgh (ANother popular Indian dish made with chicken, which is simmered in a sauce of tomato, fresh coriander and various spices £5.95
- Chicken Jalfrezi (A spicy preparation of chicken breast sauteed with sliced onion, green peppers and tomato. Medium £5.95
- Karahi Murgh (This is a type of north west indian frontier style of cooking, using chicken accompanied with sliced peppers, tomatoes, ginger, chillies along with other spices) £6.50
- Chicken Tikka Masala (Tikka Masala is one of the most popular dishes around. Chicken Tikka from the Tandoor immersed in a spicy butter sauce) £6.75

Lamb Dishes
- Kashmiri lamb Rogan Josh (Tender pieces of lamb cooked in a traditional Kashmiri masala) £5.95
- Moghlai Ghost (Lamb cooked in a creamy cashew nut and almond based sauce. mild) £6.50
- Karhai Ghost (This is a type of north west indian frontier style of cooking, using lamb accompanied with sliced peppers, tomatoes, ginger, chillies along with other spices) £5.95
- Bhuna Ghost (Cooked in a gravy sauce with onion, garlic, tomatoes and spices. Medium) £5.75
- Mirchi Lamb (Sliced lamb sauteed with red peppers, fresh ginger, herbs and green chillies) £6.25
- Saag Ghost (Tender dices of lamb cooked with spinach, fenugreek and spices) £5.95
- Handi Ghost (A central Indian style of cooking. Tender lamb cooked with peppers, tomatoes, ginger and coarsely grounded spices) £6.25

- Bay Machli Masala (A seasonal fish cooked with onions, tomatoes, garlic with touches of cumin mustard seeds and red chillies. Hot) £6.95
- Goan Fish Curry (This famous Goan spciality. Consisting of fish simmered in a tangy curry with accompanied coconut and red chillies) £6.00
- Handi Zinga Lazeez (A central Indian type of cooking. Prawns cooked with pepper, tomatoes, ginger and finished with grounded spices) £6.50
- King Prawn Bhuna (Prawns cooked in thick sauce with chopped onions, pepper, tomatoes with a touch of ginger and garlic) £8.95

- Murgh Biryani (A combination of chicken and basmatic rice cooked to perfection with spices and herbs, served in vegetable sauce) £7.25
- Lamb Biryani (A combination of lamb and basmati cooked to perfection with spices and herbs, served in a vegetable sauce) £6.50
- Prawn Biryani (A combination of Tiger prawns cooked with basmati rice, spices and herbs, served in a vegetable sauce) £7.95

Vegetable Main Dishes
- Vegetable Korma (Seasonal vegetables cooked with onion, coconut, almonda and fresh cream sauce) £4.50
- Vegetable Jalfrezi (A medium spicy preparation of seasonal vegetables sauteed with onions, green pepper and tomatoes cooked semi dry) £4.95
- Paneer Tikka Makhani (Cubes of Indian tofu simmered in a creamy tomato, butter and cream sauce) £4.75
- Handi Subjie (Central Indian style of cooking. Seasonal mixed vegetables cooked with pepper, tomato, ginger and grounded spices) £5.25
- Pumpkin Masala (Cubes of fresh pumpkin cooked in medium hot spices and roasted sesame seeds) £4.95

Vegetable side order
- Sag Aloo (Chopped spinach tossed with quartered potato, chopped shallots, garlic and cumin) £2.95
- Bindi Dhupiaza (Fresh okra prepared with diced onions) £2.95
- Pindi Chana (Traditional north Indian dish made with chickpeas tofu and tomatoes)
- Bombay Aloo (A very simple potato preparation) £2.95


Additional Information


11 Alma Road, SW18 1AA

Nearest tube:

Wandsworth Town (BR)
All prices inclue VAT rate of 17.5%. Service charge not included

Average Price:

Under £24

Opening times:

Mon - Sun 5:30pm - 12am

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