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About Bombay Bicycle Club - Balham

For twenty years, the Bombay Bicycle Club has been a mainstay of the south-of-the-river dining scene. It's a bright, welcoming restaurant with unmistakable pink awnings (pink being the navy blue of India) and a friendly welcome. Inside, the cool off-white walls, fresh flowers and Indian objects here and there make a new, modern promise that the menu fulfills. This is upmarket Indian dining, so be prepared to experiment a bit. Dishes could include starter of king prawns Arabi in mild northern spices, then a main course like chicken aishwarya in almond sauce, with rice and naan sides and dessert of mango cheesecake. Or stick to classics and favourites - either way, you'll be happy.

Full a la carte


Onion Pakora £4.50
Sliced onions, slightly spiced then deep fried, served with mint and yoghurt chutney

Vegetable or Lamb Samosas £4.50
Pastry parcels filled with spiced vegetables or seasoned lamb

Shish Kebab Murgh £5.50
Mildly marinated tender chicken breast
cooked in the Tandoor.

Shish Kebab Kabli £5.50
Fillet of lamb, marinated in herbs and spices, cooked in the Tandoor.

Shish Kebab Khybari £5.50
Minced lamb kebab, marinated in herbs and spices, cooked in the Tandoor.

Mixed Kebabs (serves two) £9.50
Tender chicken and lamb from the Tandoor.

Machli Tandoori £8.50
Monkfish brochette marinated in herbs and spices.

King Prawns Arabi (house speciality) £10.50
Succulent giant King Prawns mixed with mild spices, cooked in the Tandoor.

Prawn Puree £7.50
Tangy sweet sour and hot fricassee of Tiger
Prawns served on a mini roti.

Doti Prawns £8.50
Brochette of lightly spiced fried Tiger
Prawns served with a piquant green peanut chutney.

Main Course

Saag Gosht £9.75
Tender spiced Lamb cubes gently cooked with fresh baby leaf spinach.

Rogan Gosht £9.75
Classic Kashmiri dish, tweaked in our kitchen with our own blend of spices and green chillis.

Akola Gosht £9.75
Sliced Lamb fillet in a very mild creamy sauce.

Chilli Lamb £9.75
Sliced Lamb fillet from the Tandoor, cooked with traditional spices and fresh chillis.

Bhuna Gosht £9.75
Tender lamb cooked slowly in a sauce of fresh tomatoes, garlic, ginger and coriander.

Special Main Courses:
Tandoori Mixed Grill £12.95
A platter of assorted Tandoori delicacies
served on a bed of onions or in a thick
creamy sauce on a hot sizzler.

Barra Channa Shahi £12.95
Our famous tender knuckle of lamb, slow
cooked in a special sauce with chick peas.

Bulsari Salmon £10.50
Spiced fresh salmon brochette marinated
in strained yoghurt, cooked over charcoal.

Biryanis £11.50
A choice of our special biryanis served
with a delicious traditional sauce.
- Lamb Biryani £11.50
- Chicken Biryani £11.50
- Prawn Biryani £12.95

Murgh Dhansak £9.75
Tender chicken breast served in a traditional lentil sauce.

Murgh Multan £9.75
Home smoked chicken breast flavoured with
our choice of herbs and spices, cooked in
a rich and creamy masala sauce.

Murgh Aishwarya £9.75
Tandoori chicken breast cooked in a mild
masala sauce with mushrooms and peas,
enriched with lemon and almonds.

Murgh Jaisalmar £9.75
Chicken cooked dopiaza style with yoghurt,
coriander, onion and green capsicum.

Murgh Bhuna £9.75
Chicken breast cooked in a special blend
of ginger, garlic, onion, and our own blended garam masala, chilli and tomato.

Murgh Mangalore £9.75
Marinated chicken breast cooked with green chillis, herbs and spices.

Calicut Fish Curry £10.50
A popular fish curry from the East Coast
of India. Fresh cod cooked in a spicy
onion sauce with green chillis, curry
leaves and tamarind.

Malabar Machli £12.50
Monkfish cooked in the Tandoor, served in
a mild green curry sauce, with a hint of coconut.

Prawn Bhuna £12.50
King Prawns sautéed with aromatic spices,
cooked with herbs and fresh tomatoes.

Vegetarian Main Courses:
Mixed Vegetable Curry £8.75
A selection of fresh vegetables cooked
in a traditional tasty curry sauce.

Daal Saag £6.50
Fresh baby leaf spinach cooked with our own delicious daal of the day.

Vegetable Dopiaza £8.50
Fresh vegetables cooked in yoghurt, coriander, onions and green capsicum.

Rice and Breads:
Pilau Rice (serves two) £4.50

Plain Rice (serves two) £4.50

Plain Naan £2.25
Fresh bread cooked in the Tandoor served hot.

Peshwari Naan £3.25
Fresh bread stuffed with sultanas, nuts and coconut.

Paratha £2.75
Fresh bread laced with butter.

Garlic Naan £2.75
Fresh bread from the Tandoor laced with garlic.

Keema Naan £3.75
Fresh bread filled with spicy mince meat.

Kulcha Naan £3.25
Piping hot fresh bread stuffed full
of lightly spiced vegetables.

Daal of the Day £4.50
A mix of three different types of lentil cooked to tradition with onion and garlic.

Shahi Bagyan £4.50
Fresh aubergine cooked with onion and garlic.

Aloo Gobi £4.50
Potato and cauliflower cooked in exotic spices.

Aloo Palak £4.50
Our famous fresh baby leaf spinach and potato sabzi.

Bombay Mushrooms £4.50
Mushrooms cooked in a light spicy sauce.

Aloo Chat £4.50
Fried spicy potatoes.

Bindi Sabzi £4.50
Tender fresh diced okra, cooked using traditional spices.

Extra Popadoms £0.50

Chutneys £2.00 / £2.50

Cucumber Raita £1.75

Onion Salad £2.50


Mango Cheesecake £4.25
Rich creamy cheesecake on a classic biscuit
base and topped with Alphonse Mango pulp.

Cinnamon Chocolate Fudge Cake £4.25
Intensely moist chocolate cake filled and topped with chocolate fudge and a hint of cinnamon.

White Chocolate and Stem Ginger Cheesecake £4.25
A smooth and creamy white chocolate cheesecake blended with pieces of ginger stem.

Lemon Tart with Lime Zest £4.25
A light delicate palate cleansing tart made
with zest of lemons and limes.

Home Made Ice Creams:
- Vanilla Pod £3.50
- Chocolate Dream £3.50
- Stem Ginger £3.50
- Apple Pie £3.50
- Cardamom £3.50
- Cinnamon £3.50
- Strawberry £3.50

Home Made Sorbets:
- Mango £3.50
- Lime £3.50
- Raspberry £3.50

Additional Information


95 Nightingale Lane, SW12 8NX

Nearest tube:

Wandsworth Common (BR)
Please be aware this is a sample menu and dishes may vary from branch to branch.

Average Price:

£25 -£34 (€35)

Opening times:

Mon - Thurs: 7pm - 11pm
Fri & Sat: 6.30pm - 11pm
Sun 7pm - 10:30pm

Dress Code: