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About Bombay Bicycle Club - Hampstead

In one of Hampstead's loveliest streets, near Keats' house, you'll find the Bombay Bicycle Club, an outpost of the much-loved south-of-the-river favourite. This is smart Hampstead, so of course you'll find a smart interior, with wooden floors, off-white walls, flowers and plants, and witty Indian artifacts. The cleanly modern décor lets you know that this is an ambitious eaterie, an idea borne out by the up-market Indian menu. The freshly-cooked dishes include starter of rapti salmon cooked in the tandoor, main course of akola gosht, and dessert of mango cheesecake. Dishes are mild to medium for Western tastes, but chefs are happy to adjust the heat if you like your food fiery.

Full a la carte


Onion Pakora £4.50
Sliced onions, slightly spiced then deep fried, served with mint and yoghurt chutney

Vegetable or Lamb Samosas £4.50
Pastry parcels filled with spiced vegetables or seasoned lamb

Shish Kebab Murgh £5.50
Mildly marinated tender chicken breast
cooked in the Tandoor.

Shish Kebab Kabli £5.50
Fillet of lamb, marinated in herbs and spices, cooked in the Tandoor.

Shish Kebab Khybari £5.50
Minced lamb kebab, marinated in herbs and spices, cooked in the Tandoor.

Mixed Kebabs (serves two) £9.50
Tender chicken and lamb from the Tandoor.

Machli Tandoori £8.50
Monkfish brochette marinated in herbs and spices.

King Prawns Arabi (house speciality) £10.50
Succulent giant King Prawns mixed with mild spices, cooked in the Tandoor.

Prawn Puree £7.50
Tangy sweet sour and hot fricassee of Tiger
Prawns served on a mini roti.

Doti Prawns £8.50
Brochette of lightly spiced fried Tiger
Prawns served with a piquant green peanut chutney.

Main Course

Saag Gosht £9.75
Tender spiced Lamb cubes gently cooked with fresh baby leaf spinach.

Rogan Gosht £9.75
Classic Kashmiri dish, tweaked in our kitchen with our own blend of spices and green chillis.

Akola Gosht £9.75
Sliced Lamb fillet in a very mild creamy sauce.

Chilli Lamb £9.75
Sliced Lamb fillet from the Tandoor, cooked with traditional spices and fresh chillis.

Bhuna Gosht £9.75
Tender lamb cooked slowly in a sauce of fresh tomatoes, garlic, ginger and coriander.

Special Main Courses:
Tandoori Mixed Grill £12.95
A platter of assorted Tandoori delicacies
served on a bed of onions or in a thick
creamy sauce on a hot sizzler.

Barra Channa Shahi £12.95
Our famous tender knuckle of lamb, slow
cooked in a special sauce with chick peas.

Bulsari Salmon £10.50
Spiced fresh salmon brochette marinated
in strained yoghurt, cooked over charcoal.

Biryanis £11.50
A choice of our special biryanis served
with a delicious traditional sauce.
- Lamb Biryani £11.50
- Chicken Biryani £11.50
- Prawn Biryani £12.95

Murgh Dhansak £9.75
Tender chicken breast served in a traditional lentil sauce.

Murgh Multan £9.75
Home smoked chicken breast flavoured with
our choice of herbs and spices, cooked in
a rich and creamy masala sauce.

Murgh Aishwarya £9.75
Tandoori chicken breast cooked in a mild
masala sauce with mushrooms and peas,
enriched with lemon and almonds.

Murgh Jaisalmar £9.75
Chicken cooked dopiaza style with yoghurt,
coriander, onion and green capsicum.

Murgh Bhuna £9.75
Chicken breast cooked in a special blend
of ginger, garlic, onion, and our own blended garam masala, chilli and tomato.

Murgh Mangalore £9.75
Marinated chicken breast cooked with green chillis, herbs and spices.

Calicut Fish Curry £10.50
A popular fish curry from the East Coast
of India. Fresh cod cooked in a spicy
onion sauce with green chillis, curry
leaves and tamarind.

Malabar Machli £12.50
Monkfish cooked in the Tandoor, served in
a mild green curry sauce, with a hint of coconut.

Prawn Bhuna £12.50
King Prawns sautéed with aromatic spices,
cooked with herbs and fresh tomatoes.

Vegetarian Main Courses:
Mixed Vegetable Curry £8.75
A selection of fresh vegetables cooked
in a traditional tasty curry sauce.

Daal Saag £6.50
Fresh baby leaf spinach cooked with our own delicious daal of the day.

Vegetable Dopiaza £8.50
Fresh vegetables cooked in yoghurt, coriander, onions and green capsicum.

Rice and Breads:
Pilau Rice (serves two) £4.50

Plain Rice (serves two) £4.50

Plain Naan £2.25
Fresh bread cooked in the Tandoor served hot.

Peshwari Naan £3.25
Fresh bread stuffed with sultanas, nuts and coconut.

Paratha £2.75
Fresh bread laced with butter.

Garlic Naan £2.75
Fresh bread from the Tandoor laced with garlic.

Keema Naan £3.75
Fresh bread filled with spicy mince meat.

Kulcha Naan £3.25
Piping hot fresh bread stuffed full
of lightly spiced vegetables.

Daal of the Day £4.50
A mix of three different types of lentil cooked to tradition with onion and garlic.

Shahi Bagyan £4.50
Fresh aubergine cooked with onion and garlic.

Aloo Gobi £4.50
Potato and cauliflower cooked in exotic spices.

Aloo Palak £4.50
Our famous fresh baby leaf spinach and potato sabzi.

Bombay Mushrooms £4.50
Mushrooms cooked in a light spicy sauce.

Aloo Chat £4.50
Fried spicy potatoes.

Bindi Sabzi £4.50
Tender fresh diced okra, cooked using traditional spices.

Extra Popadoms £0.50

Chutneys £2.00 / £2.50

Cucumber Raita £1.75

Onion Salad £2.50


Mango Cheesecake £4.25
Rich creamy cheesecake on a classic biscuit
base and topped with Alphonse Mango pulp.

Cinnamon Chocolate Fudge Cake £4.25
Intensely moist chocolate cake filled and topped with chocolate fudge and a hint of cinnamon.

White Chocolate and Stem Ginger Cheesecake £4.25
A smooth and creamy white chocolate cheesecake blended with pieces of ginger stem.

Lemon Tart with Lime Zest £4.25
A light delicate palate cleansing tart made
with zest of lemons and limes.

Home Made Ice Creams:
- Vanilla Pod £3.50
- Chocolate Dream £3.50
- Stem Ginger £3.50
- Apple Pie £3.50
- Cardamom £3.50
- Cinnamon £3.50
- Strawberry £3.50

Home Made Sorbets:
- Mango £3.50
- Lime £3.50
- Raspberry £3.50

Additional Information


3a Downshire Hill, NW3 1NR

Nearest tube:

Please be aware this is a sample menu and dishes may vary from branch to branch.

Average Price:

£35 and under

Opening times:

Mon - Sat 6pm - 11pm
Sun 6pm - 10:30pm

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