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About Couscous Darna Restaurant

Feel the heat of the Moroccan desert at Cous Cous Darna -- the fire of the people, the warmth of the hues and the passion in the cooking. Fittings and ambiance are imported from Morocco, creating an authentic outpost of North Africa in the heart of South Ken. You'll be surrounded by ochre walls, Berber pottery and pierced wooden screens while relaxing on chairs upholstered in Berber script. Bring a friend and start the meal with the Kemla salad terre-mer, including a very good aubergine zaalouk, then follow with one of the eight tagines or Darna's signature couscous with lamb, chicken, and merguez sausages. The wine list has a unique list of Moroccan beers, wines and cocktails to explore. Don't miss the shisha pipe. Belly dancers at the weekend.

Full a la carte


- Kemia Salad Terre-mer (a special platter with a selection of four Moroccan salads served with homemade Moroccan bread) £7.95 per person, minimum of 2 people.
- Pastilla ba Djaje (traditional Moroccan chicken pie, sweet with eggs, herbs, almonds and saffron) £7.95
- Pastilla bal houte (Moroccan style fish pie with seafood mix, vermicelle and Moroccan charmoula sauce) £7.95
- Sardine M’kelli (panfried sardines with charmoula sauce) £5.95
- Shalada (fresh herbs, tomato, cucumbers, eggs, onions, olives, feta cheese and dressing) £5.95
- Taboulet (couscous, salad leaves, olives, cucumber, tomtato, fresh herbs, almonds, raisins and dressing) £5.95
- Bourek (filo pastry filled with minced lamb, eggs, fresh herbs, cumin and shallots) £6.95
- Briouates (filo pastry filled with compote of vegetables, cumin and saffron served on a bed of mixed salad, olives and dressing) £4.95
- Briouates ba Jben (croustillante goat cheese triangles with pitted black olives and fresh herbs
- Harira soup £5.50

Main Course

All tagines are served with a homemade Moroccan bread, couscous or rice.
- Tagine Djaje ba Zitoun (chicken tagine with preserved lemon confit and olives) £14.95
- Tagine Djaje wa Mechmache wa Louz (chicken tagine with dry apricots and pine nuts) £15.95
- Tagine Doulmat (tagine of stuffed vegetables with minced lamb, cumin and saffron) £14.95
- Tagine Kefta (Moroccan traditional tagine, fresh herbs, garlic, tomato and eggs) £13.95
- Tagine Lahem bal barkouk (lamb tagine with prunes, almonds, eggs, cumin, saffron & seasame seeds) £16.95
- Tagine Lahem bal B’tata (lamb tagine with potato, green peas, cumin, ginger and saffron) £15.95
- Tagine bal Houte (sea bass tagine baked in tomato, charmoula sauce, lemon and saffron potatoes) £16.95
- Tagine bal Khoudra (stew of mixed vegetables, grilled aubergines, raisins, chickpeas and fresh herbs) £11.95

- Couscous Darna (stew of lamb, chicken & merguez sausages served with couscous, sauce and vegetable, chickpeas, sultanas and harissa sauce) £16.95
- Couscous Djaje (stew of chicken served with couscous, sauce and vegetables, chickpeas, raisins and harissa sauce) £14.95
- Couscous Lahem (stew of lamb served with couscous, sauce and vegetables, chickpeas, raisins and harissa sauce) £15.95
- Couscous Merguez (Skewers of fish served with Couscous, sauce and vegetables, chickpeas, raisins and harissa hot sauce) £15.95
- Couscous T’faya (vegetable stew with couscous, onions, confits and raisins) £12.95

Served on a bed of saffron rice or couscous.
- Brochettes Darna (skewers of lamb, chicken and lamb sausages merguez) £14.95
- Brochettes Djaje (skewers of marinated chicken) £11.95
- Brochettes bal Houte (skewers of fish marinated with Moroccan charmoula sauce & herbs) £13.95
- Brochettes Lahem (skewers of marinated lamb) £13.95
- Brochettes Kefta (skewers of minced lamb & herbs) £11.95
- Brochettes Merguez (skewers of grilled lamb sausages) £12.95


Additional Information


91 Old Brompton Road, South Kensington, SW7 3LD

Nearest tube:

South Kensington

Average Price:

£24 and Under

Opening times:

Mon - Sat 12pm - 11:30pm

Dress Code:

Smart Casual