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- Rosun-E-Chicken.A decorative papadom forms an edible cone in which succulent pieces of lightly spiced chicken & garlic sits on bed of crisp, shredded lettuce. A generous portion is served on a julienne of tomato & cucumber £2.95
- Tikka. Boneless pieces of chicken or lamb, marinated in yoghurt and cooked over charcoal £2.50
- Bakor-E-Kebab. Minced chicken prepared with spices and cheese, served with crisp lettuce and tomato (yes it's an Indian cheese burger) £2.75
- Sheek Kebab. Minced lamb prepared with herbs and spices £2.50
- Mushroom Puree. Fried garlic mushroom served on a pancake roll £2.45
- Samosa. Crispy pastry filled with vegetables £1.95
- Onion Bhaji. Indian style fried onion £1.95
- Paneer Chat. Home made vegetarian non melting cheese with chilli, spring onion, lemon, tomato and ginger £2.45
- Breaded King Prawn. Crispy deep fried King Prawn with salad and sauce £2.50
- Spicy Grilled Mushroom. Fresh mushroom, stuffed & shaped into a ball with potato mash served in a piquant sauce £2.45
- Rosun-E-Lobster. Bay of Bengal lobster cooked in garlic sauce £4.45
- Fish Boora. Fish ball coated in crispy breadcrumbs and spices then deep fried £1.95
- Rosun-E-Puree. Spiced fried prawn served on a pancake roll £2.95
- Cod Pokura. Cod fillets coated in batter, deep fried with till seeds £2.45

Tandoori Delicacies

- Tikka. Chicken or lamb, off the bone £4.95
- Bakor-Kebab. Minced chicken prepared with house special recipe, and cheese £4.95
- Tandoori Chicken. Traditional spring chicken £4.45
- Tandoori Trout. A whole trout marinated in special spices, then roasted over charcoal oven £5.25
- Shaslik. Chicken or lamb, roasted with onion, tomato and green pepper
- Tandoori King Prawns. Two giant prawns with spices £7.95
- Cod Tikka. Tender pieces of delicately, flavoured roasted cod, with green pepper £5.95
- Tandoori Mixed Grill. A meat lovers treat, a selection of our tandoori delicacies £7.95
- Vegetable Tikka. Go vegetarian and be healthy £4.95
- Paneer Shaslik. Home made vegetarian cheese, rosterd with onion, tomato and green pepper £4.75

Main Course

- Meat Bhujon. A selection of special dishes, lamb tikka, lamb bhuna, chicken tikka massala, pilau rice, naan bread and raitha £8.95
- Vegetable Bhujon. A selection of vegetarian dishes, mixed vegetable curry, aloo gobi, bringal bhaji, raitha, shabji naan and plain rice £8.25
- Bengal Bhujon. A Selection of interesting dishes, tandoori king prawn, sali Lamb, bombay aloo, pilau rice, two chapatti and raitha £9.45
- Seafood Bhujon. A selection of sea food dishes, cod tikka, fish boora, lobster saghee, plain rice, raitha, roti £9.95
- Supreme Chicken Bhujon. A selection of best of chicken dishes, tandoori chicken, bakor-e-jhol, summer garlic chicken, pilau rice raitha and naan £8.95
- Mixed Bhujon. A selection of tasty bites, bakor-e-kebab, sag meat, bombay aloo, pilau rice, raitha and paratha £8.95

Traditional Dishes

- Curry, Madras (hot), Vindaloo (very hot)Chicken or Lamb £ 3.95
- Jalfrezi Dishes. Jalfrezies cooked in rich spicy sauce, mixed with sliced green chillies to give that extra heat!

Chicken or Lamb £ 4.45
Prawn £ 4.75
King Prawn £ 6.75

- Biryani Delicacies
Finest Basmati rice cooked with your choice of meat, fish or vegetables slowly simmered in a special stock with fresh herb and spices, served with vegetable curry
Chicken or Lamb Biryani £ 5.95
Tikka Biryani £ 6.95
(chicken or lamb)
Prawn Biryani £ 6.95
King Prawn Biryani £ 7.95
Vegetable Biryani £ 4.95

Bengal Specialties

- Achari Gosht. Hot spicy lamb with tamarind juice and whole baby garlic cloves £5.75
- Chicken or Lamb Hariali. Grilled in tandoori with onion tomatoes capsicum, than
cooked with fresh herbs spices and extra corriendar £5.75
- Korai. Traditional rich spicy dish, with chicken or lamb, served in an iron wok £5.75
- SaIi Ana Roshi. Lamb or chicken cooked with honey & pineapple, very spicy yet mild £5.45
- Shat Kora Bhuna Chicken or lamb. Very spicy dish with fresh Bangladeshi citrus fruit, tart strong flavour not hot £5.75
- Bengal Garlic Chicken. Irresistible to curry lovers, sweet & hot tastes Malaysian style £5.75
- Korma. A creamy mild dish lightly flavored choice of chicken or lamb £ 4.95
- Chicken Tikka Massala. Unknown in India, Britains' favourite curry £5.75
- K.K Bahar. Minced chicken ball and chickpeas, rich flavour from Afghanistan
- Red Machli. A whole red fish from Norway (white meaty texture) marinated in spices, slightly hot £5.45
- Cod Massala. Pieces of cod fillets, steamed and cooked with fresh tomato, medium spiced in the form of a curry £5.75
- Lobster Saghee. (unbelievable value!) Whole lobsters, prepared with spices, spinach & cheese £8.45
- King Prawn with Cashewnuts. very lightly spiced with Vietnamese flavours £5.75
- Passanda. Mild dish with fruty flavour, creamy sauce £5.75
- Chicken or Lamb Tikka Pathia. Hot sweet & sour £5.45
- Sag Gosht. Lamb with spinach £4.45

Dansak Dishes - These dishes are cooked with lentil, they are hot, sweet sour giving three distinct tastes
- Chicken or Lamb £ 4.45
- Prawn £ 4.75
- King Prawn £ 6.75

Balti Dishes - Balti is a dish for 2 people which contain a distinct combina-tion of ingredients to give a unique taste, served with a naan, roti and pilau rice. Balti dishes are cooked and served in the traditional iron Korai (wok).
- Balti Chicken or Lamb £ 13.95
- Balti King Prawn £ 17.95
- Balti Vegetable £ 11.95

Vegetable Dishes

- Dry Mixed Vegetables £2.10
- Vegetable Curry £2.10
- Bombay Aloo £2.10
- Spicy potatoes
- Brinjal Bhaji. Egg plant £2.10
- Cauliflower Bhaji £2.10
- Mushroom Bhaji £2.10
- Tarka Dhall. Lentils £2.10
- Sag Bhaji. Spinach £ 2.10
- Sag Paneer. Spinach & cheese £2.25
- Sag Dhall. Spinach & lentils £2.25
- Chana Massala. Indian Peas £ 2.25
- Aloo Gobi. Potato and Cauliflower £ 2.25
- Panner Makhani. Chickpeas & home made vegetarian cheese, mild £2.45
- Aloo Makhani. New potatoes, lightly spiced in creamy tomato sauce £2.45

Bhuna Dishes. Highly spiced, (not hot) bringing out the true taste of various spices and fresh coriander
- Chicken or Lamb £ 4.45
- Prawn £ 4.75
- King Prawn £ 6.75

Rice and Bread

- Rice £1.30
- Pilau Rice. Famous Basmati £1.40
- Coconut Rice £2.25
- Mushroom Rice £2.25
- Special Fried Rice £2.25
- Kashmiri Rice. Fried basmati with pineapples and lychees £2.25
- Naan. Indian bread baked in the tandoori oven £1.30
- Keema Naan. Stuffed with mincemeat £1.60
- Peshwari Naan. Stuffed with nuts £1.60
- Shabji Naan. Stuffed with vegetables £1.60
- Roti £ 0.95
- Indian brown bread Paratha. Two layers of bread fried with Indian Butter £ 1.30
- Chapati. Thin bread baked over hot iron £0.95
- Raitha Yoghurt £ 0.95
- Papadum. Everyones favourite spicy or plain £0.50
- Relishes. Mango chutney, lime pickle £0.40


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