About Tangawizi

Tangawizi restaurant in London's East Twickenham, close to Richmond Bridge, earned the well-heeled locals' devotion right from the off. The chef is 'trained by and strongly recommended by Vineet Bhatia' and that's saying quite a lot. The dining room is very smart, mood-enhancingly lit in saffron and blackberry with details of beautiful sari fabric inlaid in the tables. Dishes are authentic North Indian, but cutting-edge and contemporary, the way we Londoners like them: the freshest of ingredients, little oil, sparkling flavours. Try the mixed platter of starters to share to really browse the possibilities, then choose something like spicy marinated red snapper in tempura batter served with cheddar and Parmesan risotto, with one of the lovely dahls on the side. The traditionally-clad waitstaff are very attentive and the whole experience a winner.

Full a la carte


Oregano chicken £6.95
lightly spiced chicken marinated in a delicious combination of oregano, cheese and cardamom, grilled in the tandoor
Chicken tikka £6.95
tender pieces of chicken marinated in spices and roasted in a tandoor
Tangawizi aaron platter £8.95 per person
An opportunity to try a selection of starters which includes juicy lamb chops,
chicken tikka,seekh kebab, tiger prawns, paneer tikka and chowk ki tikki (minimum 2 people)

Seekh kebab £6.95
tender minced lamb flavoured with spices, moulded on a skewer and grilled in the tandoor

Fish haryali £7.50
Fresh water tilapia fish smothered in a delicious fresh mint spiced coating
Jhinge coco £9.95
Juicy king prawns marinated in a delicious combination of coconut, ginger and garlic, grilled in the tandoor

Vegetable starters:
Chowk ki tikki £4.50
Pan-fried spiced potato cakes served with fresh mint and tamarind chutney
Gobi mehboobi £4.50
cauliflower florets flavoured with green chilli and curry leaves
Mango Paneer £4.95
fresh soft cottage cheese marinated in a spicy mango dressing, grilled in the tandoor
Lassoni dhingri £4.95
button mushrooms mixed with chopped garlic, green chillies and coriander coated in a crispy batter, served with a tomato chutney
Khasta bhindi £4.95
crispy fried slices of okra in a tangy chat masala with fresh coriander

Main Course

Vegetable main courses
(also available as a side portion at £3.95)
Mushroom curry £7.25
Fresh mushrooms cooked in an onion and tomato based sauce with traditional Indian spices

Bhindi koti masala £7.25
diced okra tempered with cumin seeds in a stir-fried sauce
Channa pindi £7.50
Chickpeas sautéed with onions and tomatoes
Aloo jeera £6.95
potatoes cooked with cumin and turmeric
Vegetable of the day £6.95
Please ask your waiter
Baingan bhurta £7.25
Chargrilled aubergines sautéed with onions, tomatoes, green chillies and ginger
Saag aloo £7.25
Potatoes tossed with creamed spinach flavoured with garlic and cumin
Gobi aloo £7.50
Cauliflower and potato cooked in a tomato and onion sauce
Saag paneer £7.50
a delicious combination of fresh soft cottage cheese sautéed with spinach
Dal makhani £6.95
urad dal and red kidney beans cooked over a slow charcoal fire flavoured with cumin seeds

Dal tadka £6.50
yellow lentil delicacy tempered with cumin and garlic
Non-Vegetable main courses:
Tanghai lamb £10.95
tender pieces of spring lamb tempered with mustard seeds and curry leaves cooked in a coconut sauce and served in a fresh coconut
Gosht rogan josh £8.95
cubes of spring lamb stewed in a spicy onion sauce flavoured with traditional Indian spices

Lamb saagwala £8.95
juicy pieces of spring lamb cooked with cumin and garlic, tempered with spinach
Spicy lamb £8.95
Tender spring lamb pieces cooked in a rich and spicy sauce
Lamb dopiaza £8.95
cubes of tender spring lamb cooked in a rich tomato and onion sauce
Masala liptey chicken £8.95
succulent chunks of chicken breast roasted in the tandoor stir fried with garlic, tomatoes and spring onions in a unique creamy sauce
Chicken tikka masala £8.25
tandoor roasted chicken tikka cooked in a kasoori methi flavoured tomato sauce
Chicken jalfrezi £7.95
tender pieces of chicken breast cooked with bell peppers, tomatoes and onions
Methi wala chicken £7.95
cubes of chicken breast tempered with cumin and garlic, stir fried with fenugreek leaves
Chicken xacutti £8.95
selected pieces of chicken cooked in a coconut based sauce, served with sautéed spinach

Chicken Masaladar £7.95
A traditional chicken curry cooked home-style in a rich tomato based sauce (med)
Samaki choma £12.50
red snapper fillet marinated in a mouth-watering blend of spices and yoghurt, served on a bed of the chefs specially prepared rice
Wizi prawn molee £12.95
tiger prawns cooked in a coconut and tomato sauce tempered with curry leaves, sundried red chilli and mustard seeds
Jhinge chi curry £12.95
tiger prawns cooked in a spicy onion sauce with a hint of lemon juice
Kolkata maachi £9.95
rolled fillets of tilapia fish cooked with tomatoes, onions and a hint of tamarind sauce

Chicken biriyani £10.95
succulent pieces of chicken breast roasted in a tandoor, blended with basmati rice
Lamb biriyani £11.95
tender pieces of spring lamb blended with aromatic basmati rice
Vegetable Biriyani £9.95
A colourful combination of garden fresh vegetables and aromatic basmati rice
Pulao rice £2.75
Steamed rice £2.50

Plain naan £2.25
Garlic naan £2.50
Peshawari naan £2.95
Keema naan £2.95
Tandoori roti £1.75
Plain paratha £2.25
Mint paratha £2.50
Stuffed onion kulcha £2.75

Cucumber raita £1.95
Mixed salad £1.95


Additional Information


406 Richmond Road, TW1 2EB

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In addition to these dishes , a selection of monthly "specials" are available in the restaurant.

Average Price:

£25-£34 / €35-€49

Opening times:

Mon - Sat: 6:30pm - 11pm

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