Under the Stars - ’The Room’ by the River

About Under the Stars - ’The Room’ by the River

A Sharer party is available on 11th December 2007 at this venue.

Welcome to a world of far off dreams, where a night of heavenly wonder awaits. Live jazz fills the air as guests drift up above the clouds. Light headed from a glass of bubbly, guests gaze in wonder at the stars that surround them.

Then the clouds part - the night's sky darkens and guests descend to the dining room below. Beneath a sky full of twinkling stars a feast fit for the Gods is served.

The night draws on, the feast is cleared, and then our live stars of the evening take to the stage.

Dance to the magical sounds of the heavenly live band, or if your feet should tire, relax in the comfortable clouds high above.

Feeling lucky? Then try your hand at the casino.

Intrigued about the future? Consult the mystical Star Gazer who will tell what fortunes the stars hold. A night your guests will be sure to remember.


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99 Upper Ground, SE1 9PU

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Average Price:

£97.50 per person (Ex VAT)

Opening times:

Tues 11th December 2007

Dress Code:

Dress to impress