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About Sufi Restaurant

For dining with a difference Sufi in Shepherd's Bush has the recipe. Forget Indian, Chinese and Thai this is classical Persian cuisine. Sufi offers relaxed dining in a friendly, stylish atmosphere, the Middle Eastern flavour of the menu is reflected in the sandstorm pink of the walls and the classical styling of the furniture and artwork while professional staff make you feel at home and thousands of miles away all at the same time. When it comes to the food, Sufi offers a menu which has evolved over hundreds of years to bring a fusion of flavours to traditional dishes from the country we now know as Iran and a true taste sensation to our tastebuds.

Sample a la carte


Kashk-o bademjan (a medley of aubergine, sautéed fresh garlic and onion with a topping of whey) £3.50
Olivieh (delicate mixture of shredded chicken, potato, vegetables, gherkins & egg mayo) £3.00
Chicken wings (marinated chicken wings grilled to perfection) £3.50
Kookoo sabzi(soufflé of egg, parsley, coriander, dill and berries) £3.50

Other starters are available.

Main Course

Khoresh ghormeh sabzi (lamb pieces, kidney beans and dried limes cooked in finely chopped herbs) £8.00
Khoresh ghormeh sabzi (kidney beans and dried limes cooked in finely chopped herbs served with basmati rice) £7.00
King prawn (grilled king prawn served with basmati rice or salad) £10.00
Chello kebab sufi for 1 (one skewer of diced tender baby lamb fillet and chicken fillet served with grilled peppers, onions and tomatoes) £9.90
Chello joojeh kebab (one skewer of chicken fillet marinated in special sauce served with lemon and salad) £8.90
Chello chenjeh makhsoos (one skewer of diced tender baby lamb fillet and one skewer of minced baby lamb) £11.90

Other main courses are available.


Ice cream (Persian saffron ice cream) £3.00
Zulbia & bamiyeh (starch, yogurt, cardamoms mixed with honey and rosewater) £3.00
Baghlava (walnuts, pistachios, layered with phyllo pastry, sweetened with sugar) £3.00
Faloodeh (Persian sorbet made of thin vermicelli noodles and rose water served with lemon) £3.00

Other desserts are available.

Additional Information


70 Askew Road, W12 9BJ

Nearest tube:

Shepherds Bush

Average Price:

£35-£44 / €50-€63

Opening times:

Daily 12pm - 11pm

Dress Code:

Smart Casual