About Simurgh

Simurgh has all the ingredients for a fun night out with friends - good food, good wine and belly dancers. Who could ask for anything more? Located in Covent Garden on Garrick Street, Simurgh is a Persian/Iranian restaurant which is ideal for work parties and birthdays, and the dining room - with exposed brick walls, Mediterranean blue accents and Persian carpets - has a laid-back and friendly atmosphere. The chefs at Simurgh are inspired by centuries-old Persian recipes with a contemporary twist, and we love the duck and walnut stew cooked in a thick pomegranate and walnut sauce with cinnamon and saffron, and the lamb and lime curry cooked with yellow lentils and aubergine in a saffron and tomato sauce.

Sample set menu


- Mesto khazar (thick, minty Persian yoghurt with cucumber & garlic)
- Spinach bourani (fried spinach in a garlic & yoghurt sauce)
- Chicken olivieh (potato, shredded vegetables, gherkins and egg mayo)
- Ghel ghely (spicy meatballs in tomato sauce)
- Misa ghasemi (grilled aubergine in a tomato and garlic sauce)

Main Course

- Koobideh (two skewers of minced lamb and grilled tomato garnished with onion and fresh parsley)
- Chicken and young grape (chicken breast and aubergine gently fried, then simmered together with cherry tomatoes, onion, mint and young grape juice)
- Lemon and lime (diced lamb fillet cooked with yellow lentils & aubergine in tomato & saffron sauce)
- Lemon and herb gormeh (diced lamb fillet with kidney beans cooked in fresh fried herbs, cherry tomato, onions and
Persian dried lime)
- Okra and olive (lady fingers gently fried & simmered in spicy tomato& garlic with fresh coriander & black olives served with saffron rice, salad of Shiraz and Persian yoghurt)
- Mushroom and herb gormeh (mushroom buttons fried in garlic & fresh herbs then cooked with kidney beans, cherry tomato,
onions & Persian dried lime)


- Baklava with vanilla ice cream
- Choice of ice creams (pistachio and pomegranate

Additional Information


17 Garrick Street, Covent Garden, WC2E 9BL

Nearest tube:

Leicester Square
2 courses £9.95
3 courses £11.95

A discretionary 12.5% service charge will be added to your bill.

Average Price:

£25 - £34

Opening times:

Mon - Sat 11am - Midnight
Sun 1pm - 9pm

Dress Code: