Club Bangkok - Christmas 2008

About Club Bangkok - Christmas 2008

Sharer and Exclusive parties are available at this venue.

Tonight you will embark on an exotic journey across the Seas of South East Asia to the streets of Bangkok to enjoy a heady mix of culture and excitement. A slatted wooden bridge will lead you over a pond of floating lilies into the tranquil courtyard of an ancient Buddhist temple, where a giant smiling Buddha sits benignly surveying the scene. Here, two girls in exquisite costume will line your path with petals of fragrant orchids. As you pass through the tranquil gardens, the atmosphere changes with the sounds, smells and sights of bustling Thai market-scene. Hawkers and traders call out their wares; bikes trill their bells, Tuk-Tuk’s blast their horns and a cacophony of music blares from the stalls and bars.

Sample Christmas menu


Selection of rustic breads & dipping oil

* * * *
Kiln roast salmon, emmental & leek tart, sugar snap, olive & cherry tomato salad
Celeriac slaw & goats cheese tower, horseradish & beetroot jam, peashoot & endive salad

Main Course

- Roast breast of chicken with lemon, thyme & sea salt and thyme cream sauce, parsley mash, buttered chantenay carrots & fine beans
- Wild mushroom, shallot & button onion pudding with thyme cream sauce, parsley mash, buttered chantenay carrots & fine beans


A trio of desserts (dark chocolate & ginger truffle, lemon cheesecake,
natural vanilla ice cream & strawberry syrup)

* * * *
Coffee & mint chocolates

Additional Information


The Marquee, Willows Farm Village, Courser’s Road, AL4 0PF

Nearest tube:

St Albans (BR)

Average Price:

From £40 per person + vat

Opening times:


Dress Code:

No jeans, t-shirts or trainers