About Nahm

Rather stylish Thai restaurant within Belgravia's Halkin Hotel. The food is absolutely delicious and the place settings are very chic. This is a million miles away from your average corner Thai with everything swimming in over coconutty sauce - here you'll subtle flavours and a modern take on Thai cuisine. The waiting staff are charming and talk you through the best way to order. There's a new lunch menu based on Thai market food.

Full a la carte


Latiang ; crab and chicken egg nets with caramelised coconut - £13.50
Yam dtakrai; salad of lemongrass and chillies with cashew nuts, dried prawns, pork and squid - £14.50
Yam plaa fuu; salad of crispy salmon cakes with green mango and chillies - £14.50
Yam pak; salad of assorted thai vegetables dressed with tamarind, palm sugar and sesame seeds - £8.50
Larp kao krua bpet; minced duck with chillies and roasted rice - £12.50
Yam makreua pao; salad of grilled silken aubergines with eggs and dried prawns
Yam hua bplii sai gai; salad of poached chicken with grilled banana blossoms - £14.50
Dtom yam hoi malaeng puu; hot and sour soup of mussels with tomatoes, chillies and coriander - £8.50
Geng jeut gai sap het huu nuu; clear soup of minced chicken with cloud’s ear mushrooms and asian celery - £8.50
Dtom khaa het; coconut and galangal soup with wild mushrooms - £7.50
Nahm prik gung; spicy relish of shrimp paste and prawns with sweet pork, grilled mackerel and acacia omelette - £12.50
Lon dtow jiaw; yellow beans simmered in coconut cream with ginger and shallots
served with deep fried eggs and white turmeric - £12.50
Geng macquaem gradtaai; northern curry of rabbit with prickly ash pepper and green melon - £15
Geng gari gai; aromatic curry of chicken and jersey royal potatoes with cucumber relish - £14.50
Geng maarinaara; rich yellow curry of red mullet - £15.50
Geng sap nok nok gradtaa; minced quail curry with ginger and kaffir lime leaves - £14.50
Geng kaek neua; spicy southern curry of 'long horn' beef with cumin, cassia and corn peppers - £16
Luk chin plaa pat; stir fried pike dumplings with young chillies and kaffir lime leaves
- £14.50
Uu pat miang; stir fried 'middle white' pork with dried prawns, ginger, peanuts and tamarind - £15
Neua pat gung haeng; 'long horn' beef stir fried with chillies and dried prawns - £15.50
Plaa meuk pat chaa; squid stir fried with chillies and holy basil - £14
Pad plaa kem lae pak kanaa; stir fried chinese broccoli with salted fish - £11
Plaa pat dtow jiaw; monkfish stir fried with yellow beans, shredded ginger and spring onions - £15

Main Course



Nahm has one of the most outstanding wine lists in London. It’s selection of Australian wines is a treat for any conoiseur...
The Nahm arham menu is £47 per person.

Additional Information


5 Halkin Street, Belgravia, SW1X 7DJ

Nearest tube:

Hyde Park Corner

Average Price:

£55 - £64

Opening times:

Mon-Fri 12.00-2.30
Mon-Sat 7.00-11.00
Sun 7.00-10.00

Dress Code: