Al Sultan

About Al Sultan

Just off Shepherd’s Market, Al Sultan is a small, beautifully run Lebanese that has attracted couples and families for absolute yonks. The Middle Eastern restaurant traditions, white linen, flowers, mirrors and snappy service are all in evidence here, but even if Al Sultan weren’t quite so inviting the food would still win a loyal following. Our absolute favourite thing to do is bring half a dozen friends and order every starter we can lay our hands on. Let the feast begin. Hommos shawarma with lamb and pine nuts is great, so are the Falafel, and Kallaje, the Kibbeh, and Fattouch and the Moutabal, but those who know say the Tabouleh is truly great. The wine list is an absolute winner, too.

Full a la carte


- Tabouleh - £5.25
- Batrakh (fish roe served with sliced garlic and olive oil) - £7.00
- Shinklish (Lebanese cream cheese) - £4.75
- Arayes (Minced meat with parsley, grilled on Lebanese bread) - £5.50
- Jawaneh (grilled chicken wings in garlic sauce) - £5.00
- White bait (marinated in spices and lemon juice and deep fried) - £6.00

Main Course

- Fatayel Meshweyeh (grilled fillet of lamb) - £13.00
- Kafta Bisatniyeh (baked mince lamb with onions and parsley topped with sesame oil) - £13.00
- Shawarma (slices of lamb marinated with vinegar spices, onions grilled on kiosks) - £12.00
- Seabass - Subject to availability
Arabic salad with hot spice dressing - £4.50


- Lebanese sweets (from trolley) - £5.00
- Fresh fruits in season - £5.00

Additional Information


51 - 52 Hertford Street, Mayfair, W1J 7ST

Nearest tube:

Green Park

Average Price:

£35 and under

Opening times:

Mon - Sun 12pm - 12am

Dress Code: