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This is an Indian restaurant where you and your stylish friends will feel just right - well fed and well cared-for in terrific surroundings. The dining room is bright, minimalist white with soaring ceilings and acres of space with specialist lighting details. It all looks great. The menu is great, too, featuring fresh, well-prepared versions of your absolute favourites. We’re a sucker for a well-balanced chicken tikka masala, and East Is East serve one that’s just about perfect, although the prawn tikka masala has its fans, as well. At the spicier end of the spectrum, the biryanis will wake up your tastebuds. The service is very spiffy and the wine list nicely priced.

Full a la carte


Kashmiri vada (minced potato patty, stuffed with almonds, cashew nuts, raisins and cottage cheese) - £3.25
Mixed platter (kashmiri vada, aloo tikki, harra kabab, and samosa) - £4.50
Harra kabab (finely chopped vegetables patty with grated cheese and home made spices) - £3.25
Aloo tikki (minced potato patty, stuffed with masala and gram peas) - £2.95
Onion bhaji (onion fritters wrapped in gram flour batter & deep fried) - £2.95
Vegetable samosa (traditional Indian triangular crispy patties filled with potatoes and vegetables) - £2.25
Chicken pakoras (pieces of chicken wrapped in gram flour batter and crisp fried) - £3.95
Chicken wings (crispy chicken wings marinated overnight in ginger and hot spices and grilled in traditional clay oven) - £3.95
Chicken lollipop (skinless chicken legs wrapped in spices and marinated overnight and crisp fried) - £4.50
Lamb tikka (boneless lamb marinated in traditional spices & barbecued in traditional clay oven) - £4.50
Fish tikka(pieces of fresh deboned fish marinated in exotic Indian spices, barbecued in a charcoal oven) - £5.50

Main Course

Tandoori king prawn - £10.95
Tandoori chicken - £4.50
Chicken tikka - £4.50
Chicken kaalia (boneless chicken breast marinated in cheese, ginger, garlic, mustard oil and roasted in traditional clay oven) - £4.95
Lamb chop marinated in traditional spices and barbecued over charcoal - £5.95
Seekh kebab - £4.50
Mixed grill (tandoori prawn, lamb chop, tandoori chicken, seekh kebab served with onion kulcha) - £8.95
Paneer shashlik (a refreshing combination of cottage cheese, onions, tomatoes and green peppers chargrilled) - £4.95
Butter chicken - £5.95
Chicken korma - £5.50
Chicken bhuna - £5.50
Chicken tikka masala - £5.95
Chicken kali mirchi (boneless breast of chicken cooked with black pepper, cheese, cream, cashew nut and home made spices) - £5.95
Dhaba curry(pieces of lamb with bone, cooked on slow heat and in natural flavours) - £5.50
Lamb passanda - £5.50
Jeera gosht (lamb pieces with braised onions, spices, herbs and black cumin seeds) - £5.50
Rogan josh - £5.50
Keema mutta (minced lamb and green peas cooked with home made spices and coriander) - £5.50
Gosht saag (lamb pieces cooked in mild spices with spinach) - £5.50
Fish curry - £6.50
Prawn tikka masala - £10.95
Shrimp do piaza (shrimps cooked with onions, green peppers in a tomato gravy and flavoured with green herbs) - £5.95
Kadai fish (pieces of fish cooked with green chillies, green peppers and home made spices) - £6.95
Saag paneer (spinach and cottage cheese cooked with ginger, spices and butter) - £4.95
Mushroom curry - £4.95
Paneer makhani (cubes of fresh cottage cheese cooked in home made spices with tomato and cream gravy) - £4.95
Mutter paneer (green peas and cottage cheese, cooked and spiced in a thin gravy) - £4.95
Saag aloo (spinach and potatoes salted and cooked with ginger and spices) - £4.95
Baingan bharta (baked aubergine mashed and cooked with tomatoes and onions) - £4.95
Vegetable makhanwala (mixed vegetable cooked in tomato gravy with butter and cream) - £4.95
Channa pindi (a tangy tribute of chickpeas cooked and spiced) - £4.95
Bhindi masala (okra cooked with onions and spiced with dry mango powder) - £4.95
Mushroom do piaza (mushrooms cooked with onions and traditional spices) - £4.95
Bombay aloo (spicy potatoes with herbs) - £4.95
Aloo gobi (florets of cauliflower and potatoes stir fried with fenugreek and cooked on dum) - £4.95
Dal makhani (black lentils (urad dal), cooked overnight on the tandoor finished with butter and cream) - £5.50
Dal tarka (yellow lentils cooked with ginger, garlic and spice) - £4.95
Lamb biryani - £6.95
Chicken biryani - £6.95
Vegetable biryani - £6.50
Green peas pulao (garden fresh peas mixed with fine grade basmati rice cooked with saffron) - £2.95
Prawn biryani - £10.95
King prawn biryani - £11.95
Mushroom pilau - £3.50


Kulfi - pista, malai & mango (Indian ice cream made from fresh milk) - £1.95
Rasmalai (special sweet made from fresh cottage cheese and dipped in thick milk) - £2.75
Gulab jamun (sweet dumplings in sugar syrup, served hot or cold) - £1.95
Phirni (sweet made with rice, saffron, milk, fruits & sugar) - £1.95
Kheer (traditional Indian rice pudding with thickened milk, sugar & nuts cooked on slow heat) - £1.95
Ice cream (vanilla, strawberry and chocolate) - £1.75

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230 Commercial Road, E1 2NB

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Average Price:

£24 and under

Opening times:

Mon - Sun 6pm - 11pm
East is East does not take toptable bookings for lunch.

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