About Jakarta

Jakarta has imported a gallery-worthy array of Balinese statues and carvings to compliment their Indonesian cuisine. The art-work combines with warmly lit surroundings, providing a perfect backdrop for the authentic and extensive menu. Starters run to over twenty dishes, including a mouth-watering hot and sour Thai soup, several king prawn dishes, and sumptuous deep-fried crab claws. They also specialise in martabak - a silky combination of exotic seasonings with meat or seafood, neatly tucked in soft rice wrappers. Seafood is a particular area of expertise, although the large selection could see you still deciding your meal at closing time. Decadent options include whole crab or lobster, cooked in black bean sauce, or served fresh with sweet chilli and ginger. Two kinds of Nasi Gorang are also available. This Indonesian speciality consists of rice, shredded chicken, egg, and vegetables, fried with sweet soya sauce, and topped with king prawns and chicken sate. Dessert provides a showcase of sticky Indonesian classics, from banana fritters to coconut pudding.

Full a la carte


Vegetable lumpia (crispy vegetarian spring rolls filled with potato & fresh vegetables) - £2.25
Lumpia (crispy spring rolls filled with shrimps, chicken and vegetables) - £2.25
Emping (vegetarian Indonesian crackers made of emping nuts with a slight bitter taste to it) - £2.25
Indonesian prawn crackers - £2.25
Udang goreng tepung (king prawn fitters served with sweet chilli sauce) - £5.95
Martabak telor & sayur (savoury Indonesian patties made up of egg and vegetables wrapped in rice paper) - £4.95
Sup daging istimewa (popular Indonesian soup with beef, rice cakes, vermicelli and vegetable) - £2.25

Main Course

Nasi gurih (coconut rice garnished with chicken, prawns, eggs, sambal ikan teri & acar) - £ 5.95
Pad Thai (original Thai rice noodles with chicken & garnished with king prawns) - £5.95
Mee goreng (spicy stir fried noodles with eggs, squid, beef, vegetables & garnished with king prawns) - £5.95
Kari ayam (slices of chicken breast cooked in medium hot Malaysian curry sauce) - £5.45
Gang kiew wan gai (Thai green curry cooked with chicken breast eggplant & bamboo shoots) - £5.45
Ayam mentes (slices of chicken breast stir fried with cashew nuts and mixed vegetables) - £5.45
Kambing masak pedas (deep-fried marinated lamb chops cooked in green chilli sauce) - £5.65
Sambal kambing (lamb chops cooked in medium hot chilli sauce) - £5.65
Kambing bakar (grilled lamb chops cooked with tomatoes onions & sweet soya sauce) -
Nua rong hi (sirloin steak charcoal grilled & sliced Thai style served with hot & sour chilli dip) - £8.95
Rendang (beef chunks cooked on traditional slow fire flavoured with chilli and coconut) - £5.65
Semur daging (beef slices cooked in Indonesian sweet soya sauce) - £5.65
Tumis buncis (stir-fried beans in coconut sauce) - £4.95
Gado-Gado (popular Indonesian salad topped with peanut sauce) - £4.95
Sayur lodeh (mixed vegetables cooked in coconut milk) - £4.95


Pisang goreng (banana fritters topped with syrup) - £2.25
Rambutan (Indonesian fruit in syrup) - £2.25
Mango (fresh mango-available seasonally) -
Pandan cake (light sponge cake with pandan flavour) - £2.25

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7 Sheaveshill Parade, Sheaveshill Avenue, NW9 6RS

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£24 and under

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Tues - Thurs 12 noon - 3pm & 5pm - 11pm
Friday 12 noon - 3pm & 5pm - 11.30pm
Sun 12 noon - 10pm

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