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For all who love Levant, a second amour awaits in the form of the charming Levantine. The low seating, brass tables, and magically traditional Lebanese artwork all echo Levant, as does the hint of incense in the air, rose petals, and candlelight. Shortlisted as one of the Evening Standard’s most affordable restaurants of the year, and we can see why. This is a place for feasting and sharing of many flavours: we can recommend any of the mezze menus, not only for their absurd affordability, but also for the thirty or so wonderful little courses that are brought to you by cheerful, smiling waiting staff. The hammered brass platters make a fine setting for dishes like hommus beiruty, foul moudamas, stuffed vine leaves, octopus salad, spicy Armenian sausages, and on and on. There are terrific choices here for vegetarians, a head-turning cocktail list, and the best of Lebanese wine to complement it all.

Full a la carte



Koussa bil tahini (Fried courgette & tahini dip) - £4.25
hoummous beiruty (Chickpea dip with foul moudamas) - £3.75
Muhammara (Spicy red pepper & mixed nut dip)(n) - £4.25
Foul moudamas (Dried broad beans & chick peas with tahini & yoghurt sauce) - £4.25
Raheb bi dabs roman (Fried aubergine dip with pomegranate juice) - £4.25


Warak enab mehshi bil-zeyt (Vine leaves stuffed with rice & herbs) - £4.25
Lebniyeh & Walnut Cheese (Strained yoghurt and walnut cheese served with a cherry Tomato, olive & mint salad) - £4.75
Okra bil-zeyt (Okra in a coriander & tomato sauce) - £4.75


Grilled Halloumi (Tomato, Olive & Mint Salad) - £4.50
Tabbulè (Parsley & tomato salad) - £4.25
Fennel, cherry tomato & mint salad - £4.25
Octopus Salad (With coriander & lemon) - £4.95


Falafel (Chickpea patties served with tahini sauce) - £4.00
Jawaneh (Marinated & grilled chicken wings) - £3.75
Fried Courgette (With garlic, mint & lemon juice) - £4.25
Qarnabit maqli bil thum wal hamod (Fried cauliflower with garlic & lemon) - £4.25
Potato & Mushroom Kibbeh (n) (Cracked wheat & potato shells filled with seasoned mushrooms, onions and pine nuts) - £4.25
Lamb Kibbeh (n)(Cracked wheat shells filled with seasoned lamb, onions and pine nuts) - £4.75
Chicken Kibbeh (n)(Cracked wheat shells filled with seasoned chicken, onions and pine nuts) - £4.75
Spicy crab Kibbeh (n)(Cracked wheat shells filled with seasoned crab meat, onions and pine nuts) - £6.00
Warm baked gigantes beans in a tomato & coriander sauce - £4.00
Deep fried manouri cheese crusted in almonds(n) - £4.50
Syrian fish cakes - £4.75
Sauteed chicken livers tossed with garlic & pomegranate juice - £4.50
Soujok (Armenian spicy sausage) - £4.75
Maqaneq (Lebanese spicy sausages) - £4.75
Sambusak bil Lahmeh (n) (Pastry filled with spiced lamb & Pine nuts) - £4.25
Sambusak prawn (Pastry filled with spiced prawns & spring onions) - £4.95
Firreh (Grilled French quail seasoned with cinnamon) - £6.75

Main Course


Shish Tawuk (Marinated chicken in garlic,
lemon juice and spices) - £10.75
Lamb Shish Kebab (Marinated lamb in lemon juice, olive oil & spices) - £11.75
Lamb Kafta (Minced lamb with herbs, onion2
& spices) - £9.50
Chicken Kafta (Minced chicken with herbs onions & spices) - £9.50
Mixed Grill (Selection of the above) - £14.00


Salmon & pawn suffed baby squid - £9.50
Salmon marinated in sumac & pomegranate - £12.50
Mediterranean pawns grilled with chillies & lemon - £14.75
Lequss Mehwi (Fillets of sea bass grilled, marinated in herbs, garlic, olive oil served with parsley & tahini sauce) - £14.50
Fish Mixed Grill (Selection of sea bass, salmon and king prawns with fennel salad) - £19.00


Levantine rice - £2.75
Batata Harrah (Spicy sautéed potatoes with fresh coriander) - £3.50
Salatat Khiyar bil laban (Baby cucumber, yoghurt & mint salad) - £4.25


Additional Information


26 London Street, Paddington, W2 1HH

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Cover Charge per person (Breads, vegetables & pickles) - £1.00

Average Price:

£35 and under

Opening times:

12noon - 1am

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