Nippon Tuk

About Nippon Tuk

A witty, smart eclectic Eastern restaurant, so far so great. Nippon Tuk is set at the pinnacle of the Hilton London Metropole, twenty-three floors up where the air is clear and the views are nothing short of spectacular. We’d recommend this place not only for romantic dinners a deux, but also for impressing visiting dignitaries who just can’t see enough of our smoky old capital. The sushi, sashimi, and noodle offerings are fine, but we have a special place for the Nippon Tuk Plates, including the Kepiting Pedas, a chilli crab on soft noodles. There are good vegetarian, Atkins, and dieting options, and the wine list is worth further study.

Sample a la carte


- Lightly vinegared rice with a topping of fresh fish (make your own platter)
- Fresh Scottish Salmon £2.95
- Sea Bass £2.95
- Prime Cut Tuna £2.95
- King Prawn £2.95

- Lightly vinegared rice with a fresh fish or vegetable centre, in a Nori (seaweed) wraping
- Cucumber x 6 £4.25
- Salmon and Avocado x 6 £6.50
- Prawn California x 6 £6.50
- Spicy Tuna, Inside-Out x 8 £7.50

- SASHIMI (Fillets of fresh fish on a bed of crunchy mooli salad)Prices for six pieces
- Fillets of Tuna £12.50
- Fillets of Salmon £12.50

- Miso Soup £4.00
- Vegetarian Spring Rolls £ 6.50
- Tom-Yum Goong £7.00
- Thai Mango Salad £7.95
- Shrimp and Asparagus with Egg Sauce £7.95
- Grilled Squid With Thai dressing on a bed of mixed leaves £7.95
- Steamed Mussels With Thai Herbs £7.95
- Tuna Tataki Sashimi Salad With Matsuhisa Dressing £8.75
- Fruit Tomato with Cilantro Sauce £7.75
- Chicken Satay With Roasted Peanut Sauce £7.50
- Grilled Minced Fillet Steak Served on Lemon Grass Skewers with Sweet Chilli Sauce £9.25
- Grilled King Scallops Served with Tabbouleh Salsa £9.75

Main Course

- Thai red mixed vegetable curry £14.25
- Sambal king prawns served with jasmine rice and pak choi £17.75
- Mixed grilled seafood platter served with three dip sauces and mixed salad £27.50
- Grilled breast of chicken with asparagus, cucumber, carrots, spring onions and wasabi and pepper sauce £15.50
- Thai green chicken curry served with rice £14.50
- Stir-fried Thai fillet steak served with jasmine rice £18.75

Other main cuorses are available.


- A selection of desserts are available.

Additional Information


Hilton London Metropole, 23rd Floor Tower Lifts, W2 1JU

Nearest tube:

Edgware Road

Average Price:

£35 - £44

Opening times:

Mon 6pm - 11pm
Tues - Sat 12pm - 3pm and 6pm - 11pm

Dress Code:

Smart casual