Nuovi Sapori

About Nuovi Sapori

Breezy Fulham restaurant serving good quality modern Italian food. Nuovi Sapori mean 'new tastes' and it does exactly what it says on the tin. The restaurant has recently won a Remy-Harden Guide award for one of London's top restaurants. Friendly staff and service combined with good value food provide a recipe for success.

Full a la carte


Grilled smoked mozzarella wrapped in Parma ham - £6.55
Fresh asparagus gratinee with goats cheese - £6.45
Bresaola with rocket Parmesan shavings and vintage balsamic vinegar - £5.95
Mediterranean prawns in white wine, garlic and ginger on a potato pancake - £8.95
Char-grilled calamari and rocket salad with a spicy roasted pepper dip - £6.50
Parma ham and mango or melon - £5.95
Baked avocado with crab - £6.95
Buffalo mozzarella with rocket, sun-dried tomatoes and roasted pepper - £5.95
Seasonal vegetable soup - £4.50

Main Course

Gnocchi with crab, lobster sauce and a touch of cream - £7.95
Linguine with fresh seafood - £8.45
Spaghetti with fresh clams - £7.95
Rigatoni alla Siciliana - £6.25
Penne with Italian sausage, broccoli and garlic - £6.75
Fettuccine with smoked salmon, leeks and cream - £6.95
Spaghetti with fresh and sun-dried tomatoes - £6.00
Risotto with fresh lobster and butternut squash - £11.50
Risotto with wild mushrooms - £7.65
Fresh salmon with leeks and roasted peppers in a Dijon mustard sauce - £10.50
Char-grilled swordfish with rocket pesto on a bed of spinach - £13.95
King prawns in garlic butter, white wine and rosemary - £13.50
Saffron hotpot of mussels, clams and Mediterranean prawns - £13.50
Roasted rack of lamb with French mustard and rosemary gravy - £13.50
Veal Milanese served with spaghetti al pomodoro - £12.95
Saltimbocca alla romana - £9.95
Fillet steak with wild mushrooms, green peppercorns and a touch of cream - £13.95
Pan fried breast of duck with balsamic vinegar on a bed of sweet red cabbage - £12.95
Deep fried breast of chicken stuffed with roasted peppers and smoked mozzarella - £9.95
Grilled calf’s liver with pancetta - £12.50


Additional Information


295 New Kings Rd, SW6 4RE

Nearest tube:

Parsons Green

Average Price:

£25 - £34

Opening times:

Mon-Sat 12.00-3.00
Mon-Sat 6.00-11.00pm

Dress Code: