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Bright, bold and beautiful, River Spice is a friendly oasis at the end of the otherwise lifeless Wapping High Street. Don't expect river views, but do have high hopes of an exquisite Indian meal. Chef Abdul Alim eschews artificial colourings for natural ingredients like beetroot juice. Ghee has been replaced by cholesterol-friendly vegetable oil, and the spices and herbs that make up the masalas are mixed, pounded and prepared daily. Vegetarian dishes are exceptional, and the homemade desserts well worth keeping room for. If you’re not in the mood for beer, there's a reasonably priced wine list mixing Old and New World, though only the house wines are sold by the glass. Voted one of the top 20 Indian restaurants in London.

Full a la carte


Chingri thetul (Bengal prawns, marinated in tamarind and honey puree -no salad) - £4.50
Gausht phita (minced lamb and spring onions encased in home-made bread) - £3.75
Murgh paapiya (finely chopped chicken breast, seasoned, bread-crumbed and deep fried) - £3.40
Sheesh kebab (smoked, highly spiced minced lamb) - £3.20
Chingri shemai (bengal prawns marinated in lime leaves and freshly ground condiments, coated in vermicelli and deep fried) - £4.50
King prawn butterfly (simply spiced, skewered and tandoored) - £4.50
Lamb or chicken tikka (marinated and charred in the tandoor) - £3.25
Mix tandoori platter (a selection of chicken, lamb, sheesh kebab and piazi) - £4.75
Piazi (onion bhajis) - £2.55
Dumplings (crisply fried pockets filled with meat, prawns or vegetables) - £2.75
Prawn phita (highly spiced prawn masala served on a pillow of fried bread) - £3.95
Garlic mushroom
(mushroom sautéed in garlic and butter in a creamy sauce) - £2.95
Rangeen capsicum (filled with spiced vegetables) - £3.25
Shobzi soup (our daily preparation of this authentic Bengali vegetable soup) - £2.95
Chut putti (spicy chick peas) - £2.95

Main Course

Shaabzi pura (grilled mixed vegetables with crushed spices, served with home made dip) - £5.50
Duck pura (duck breast marinated in spiced yoghurt and chargrilled) - £8.90
Chicken tandoori (half chicken) - £6.50
Chingri tandoori (huge prawns marinated in spiced yoghurt, skewered) - £10.50
Duck shaslik (skewered with fresh tomatoes, onions, peppers and spices) - £7.50
Tandoori mixed grill (an assorted platter cooked in clay oven served with naan bread) - £9.95
Chicken or lamb shaslik (marinated chicken or lamb skewered with fresh tomatoes, onions, peppers and spices) - £7.50
Spring lamb chops (chefs speciality of marinated lamb chops) - £7.50
Chicken/lamb tikka (skewers of chicken or lamb marinated in spiced, seasoned fresh yoghurt) - £6.50
Chicken pura (chargrilled chicken breast seasoned with nutmeg, garlic and ginger paste and a hint of chilli) - £7.50
Chicken char dhall (Bangladeshi adaptation of this Persian original chicken breast cooked with mixed lentils) - £6.25
Chicken tikka masala (spicy char-grilled chicken in a tomato, ground almond and coconut sauce) - £7.50
Chicken mirch (chicken breast cooked with coriander, green chillis and garam masala, garnished with dried chillis and peppers) - £6.25
Chicken kurma (diced chicken breast, cooked in a mild creamy sauce with raisin, coconut, almond, pistachios, garnished with parsley
And peppers) - £6.25
Chicken roshny (chicken breast cooked with garlic flakes, pepper, medium spiced with fresh tomatoes and coriander) - £6.25
Chicken hariali (a thin slice of fillet with special stuffing, cooked to chefs own recipe) - £8.95
Chicken monipuri with crispy vegetable in a medium spicy tangy sauce - £6.50
Chicken karela in medium spicy sauce with garlic and bitter gourd - £6.50
Raj hash - chefs special (diced duck with baby potatoes cooked in a medium hot spicy sauce) - £8.95
Duck shuganda cooked with fresh herbs in strong spices - £8.95
Jaipur honey duck grilled in a medium honey sauce - £8.95
Duck lazoon with, ginger and garlic cooked with high ground spices and garam masala - £8.95
Lamb pasanda (barbecued lamb cooked with almonds and coconut in a creamy sauce with a mild spice) - £7.50
Lamb shank (a unique dish of slow cooked, whole tender lamb shank marinated in mixed spices) - £7.95
Lamb sheem (lamb and broad beans cooked in a distinctive lamb and onion based stock) - £7.25
Dhania lamb (lamb cooked slowly in its own stock with roasted coriander and garlic flakes) - £7.25
Kodu lamb (butternut pumpkin cooked in medium spicy sauce) - £7.25
Mint lamb cooked with aromatic garden mint in medium spicy sauce - £7.25
Sikandari lamb (lamb shank) £7.95
Salmon jamdani (pan fried salmon, slow cooked in beetroot juice, seasoned with nutmeg, ground spice and tempered with fresh chillis) - £7.50
Cod noyonmoni (cod lightly spiced in tomato base sauce with lime leaves, ground, roasted and fresh green chillis with black & green olives) - £8.50
Chingri jhool (Bengal prawns cooked with onions, roasted and fresh chillis, fish stock, black & green olives, garlic flakes, garnished with beetroot and fresh coriander) - £9.25
Cod roshany cooked with garlic flakes, pepper, medium spiced with fresh tomatoes and coriander
- £8.50
Chingri sheen cooked with broad beans, stir-fried with garlic and onion in a spicy sauce - £8.50
Chingri ruposhi platter (medium hot, cooked with capsicum and onions. Chefs own special recipe) - £9.25
Salmon malai medium creamy with sauce cooked with lime leaves - £7.95
Sag chicken/ lamb - £5.55
Madras chicken/lamb - £5.55
Rogan chicken/lamb - £5.55
Shatkora (citrus fruit) chicken/lamb - £5.55
Methi chicken/lamb - £5.55
Chicken/lamb pathia - £5.55
Dupiaza chicken/lamb - £5.55
Korma chicken/ lamb - £5.55
Jalfreizi chicken/ lamb - £6.95
Korai chicken/ lamb - £5.55
Chicken biryani - £6.95
Lamb biryani - £6.95
Chicken tikka biryanni - £7.95
Prawn biryani - £8.95
King prawn biryani - £10.95
Vegetable biryani - £5.95
Duck biryani - £9.95
Nairyal aloo in creamy coconut sauce - £4.75
Bengal aloo - £4.75
Courgette bhaji - £4.75
Char tarka dhall four kinds of lentils prepared with garlic, cumin and mustard seeds - £4.75
Kumbi sheem (button mushrooms and broad beans, stir-fried with spices in a spicy onion gravy) - £4.75
Kodu slow cooked sweet succulent butternut pumpkin with cumin and fennel seeds - £4.75
Motor paneer peas cooked with home made curd cheese, cream, almonds and coconut - £4.75
Sag panir spinach and cheese - £4.75


Gulam jamun served with vanilla iced cream
Fresh fruit salad
Banana fritter served with vanilla iced cream

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83-85 Wapping Lane, E1W 2RW

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Under £24/€40

Opening times:

Mon - Thurs 12pm - 2:30pm and 5:30pm - 11:30pm
Fri 5:30pm - 11:30pm
Sat and Sun 12pm - 2:30pm and 5:30pm - 11:30pm

Dress Code:

Smart Casual