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About Jamuna

Corny as it may sound, Jamuna's modern look matches its food. A brightly decorated room provides a modern backdrop to an exciting menu on which staple Indian dishes are given a confident - yet never overbearing - innovative twist. For example: monkfish tikka - chunks of monkfish marinated with fresh herbs, cooked in a clay oven, and mussel rasam - mussels delicately simmered in a broth of fresh ginger, coriander and tamarind. Yum. Having said that, if there's something special you'd like that isn't on the menu - just ask, and ye shall very probably receive. Good choice of vegetable dishes. A private basement bar provides a secluded place for drinks and super snacks. An extensive wine list starts with a bottle of house wine at £19.00.

Full a la carte


- Spinach Cake (Gingered baby spinach in gram flour served with tomato & raisin chutney) £5.50
- Khilley Phool (Marinated broccoli with cheese, green chillies & cinnamon) £5.50
- Achari Paneer Shashlick (Diced cottage cheese marinated in yoghurt with spices) £7.50
- Punjabi Jhinga (Black Tiger prawns marinated with ginger, yoghurt & ground spices) £11.00
- Monkfish Tikka (Grilled monkfish tails in a marinade of coriander & mint) £10.00
- Samundri Ratan (Grilled King scallops marinated with ginger & garlic) £10.00
- Sunhari Tikka (Diced breast of corn fed chicken marinated with orange zest, chilli & honey cooked in a clay oven) £7.00
- Murgh Bemisal (Pan fried chicken cakes flavoured with garlic, basil & lemon leaf)£6.50
- Shami Kebab (Minced lamb with lentils flavoured with ground spices & mint) £6.50
- Kebab Platter (A selection of Sunhari tikka, murgh malai tikka & Adraki Chaampen) £12.00
- Vegetarian Platter (A selection of spinach cake, paneer tikka & khilley phool) £9.00
- Fish Platter (A selection of black tiger prawn, monkfish & scallops) £13.00

Main Course

- Tandoori Jhinga (Marinated, mildly spiced jumbo prawns grilled in a clay oven) £22.00
- Murgh Malai Tikka (Corn fed chicken breast marinated in cream, green chillies & cardamom cooked in tandoor) £15.00
- Pepper Chicken Shashlick (Corn fed chicken marinated in black pepper, ginger & garlic) £15.00
- Tandoori Chicken (Marinated chicken roasted in the clay oven. Served with Indian salad and relish) £15.00
- Adraki Chaampen (Lamb cutlets from the tandoor, marinated in ginger, peppercorn, mint and yoghurt) £22.00
- Spinach and Cottage Cheese Dumpling (Spinach and cheese cakes with garlic & served with tomato gravy) £12.00
- Baigan Bhartha (Aubergine cooked in a clay oven with ginger, coriander & tomato) £12.00
- Lobster (Mildly spiced Scottish lobster with saffron and garlic) £30.00
- Halibut (Steamed halibut steak in fresh herbs & wrapped in banana leaf) £16.00
- Sea bass (Fillet of pan fried sea bass served in an onion & mustard sauce with courgette & fennel) £16.00
- Dakshin Pasand (Garlic seared tiger prawns in white wine served with a South Indian sauce) £20.00
- Guinea Fowl (Peppered guinea fowl breast stuffed with cheddar cheese & serve with pilau rice) £16.00
- Chicken Korma (Corn fed chicken breast cooked in mildly spiced gravy with cashew nuts & onion) £14.00
- Mapla Chicken (South Indian style diced corn fed chicken breast flavoured with fresh ginger and coriander) £14.00
- Rajasthani Venison (Grilled venison fillet marinated with spices in tamarind sauce, served with pilau rice) £24.00
- Lamb Shank (Welsh lamb shank braised slowly in a red wine & cherry tomato gravy)
- Varuval Champeny (Lamb cutlets with onions & chilli served with a South Indian sauce) £22.00
- Lamb Rogan Josh (Diced leg of lamb with spices, ginger, yogurt and Kashmiri chilli)

- Til Gobhi (Organic cauliflower with garlic, kadai masala & sesame seeds)
- Amchuri Bhindi (Okra & button onions with crushed mango powder) £8.00
- Makka Palak Porial (Sweet corn and baby corn with spinach & coconut) £8.00
- Zeera Aloo (Potato tempered with cumin and garlic) £7.00
- Miloni Subj (Mixed vegetables with spinach) £8.00
- Punjabi Cholay (Curried chickpeas with onion, tomato & coriander) £7.00
- Paneer Makhni (Diced cottage cheese in tomato sauce) £8.00
- Khumb Hara Payaz (Shitake & button mushroom with spring onions) £9.00
- Dal Bukara (Slow cooked black lentils. A speciality of Northwest India) £7.00
- Dal Tarka (Lentils tempered with cumin, chopped onion ginger and garlic) £7.00

- Steamed Rice/Boiled basmati rice £3.50
- Pilau Rice (Braised rice with browned onions and whole spices) £4.00
- Lemon Rice (Basmati rice cooked with lemon and ginger) £4.50
- Biryani (Diced leg of lamb cooked with aromatic spices and basmati rice baked under a flaky crust and served with raita)
- Naan (Plain or with butter) £3.00
- Garlic Naan £4.00
- Peshwari Naan (With dates & almonds) £4.00
- Tandoor Roti (Whole wheat bread) £3.00
- Plain Paratha/Pudina Paratha (Layered whole wheat bread plain or with mint) £3.50
- Sada Dahi (Plain yoghurt) £3.00
- Cucumber Raita (Yoghurt with cucumber) £3.50
- Avocado Salad (Green leafy salad with avocado & olives with a garlic and basil dressing) £7.00


Additional Information


38a Southwick St, Paddington, W2 1JQ

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Average Price:

£45 and under

Opening times:

Mon - Fri 12 - 2.30pm Mon - Sun 6pm - 11pm

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N.B. Bookings can no longer be made for this restaurant through London Online

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