Furnivals Inn

Holborn (EC4) "Furnivalles Inn, now an Inn of Chancery, but some time belonging to Sir William Furnivall, Knight, who had in Holborn two messuages and thirteen shops, as appeareth by record of Richard II, in the 6th of his reign." (Stow, p. 145)

Was an Inn of Chancery in the reign of Henry IV. The original buildings were mostly taken down in the reign of Charles II, and the Inn was rebuilt entirely in 1818. (Reference: Timbs's London and Westminster, vol. I, p. 211)

Charles Dickens lived here from shortly after his entering the Reporters' Gallery of the House of Commons till 1837, and it was here that the proposal that originated Pickwick was made to him. (Reference: Thornbury's Old and New London, vol. II, p. 573)