Monument Fish Street Hill, close to London Bridge. was erected to commemorate the Great Fire in London in 1666 Admission, from 9 to 4. Nearest Railway Station, Monument Met. ). The number of steps to get to the top is 345. It was begun in 1671 and completed in 1677, at a cost of £13,700.

At one time there was an inscription on the side, which ascribed the great fire to " the treachery and malice of the Popish faction, in order to the effecting their horrid plot for the extirpating the Protestant religion and English liberties, and to introduce Popery and slavery;" this Inscription was cut away in the reign of James Ii. , but restored in deep characters in the time of William Iii.

To the credit of the City, it was finally again cut out in compliance with a vote of the Corporation during the reign of William Iv. It is right to say that there does not seem to have been the least reliable evidence to justify the charges made by the inscription.