Royal Personages Buried at Westminster Abbey

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The royal personages buried, or said to be buried, in the abbey are:

the East Saxons, Sebert and Ethelgoda, Harold Harefoot, Edward the Confessor, the good Queen Maud, daughter of Malcolm Greathead, King of Scotland, and grand-daughter of Edward Atheling, the nun who obtained remission from her vows for the sake of awakening sympathy in the heart of her Norman husband, Henry I., for her Saxon fellow-countrymen; Edward I., Henry III., Princess Catherine his daughter, and others of his children; his brother William de Valence, Eleanor of Castille, Edward I. and his infant children; Aymer de Valence, the cousin of Edward I., and John of Eltham, the son of Edward II.; Edward III., Philippa his wife, and their children; Richard II. and his wife; Henry V., Margaret of York, Henry VI., Henry VIII., Margaret of Richmond his mother; Prince Arthur, the first husband, and Prince Henry, the infant son, of Katherine of Aragon; Edward VI., Anne of Cleves, Queen Mary, Queen Elizabeth, Margaret Lennox, grandmother of James I.; Mary Queen of Scots, Henry Frederick, Prince of Wales; Anne of Denmark, James I., the infant children of Charles I., William III., the infant children and Anne Hyde, the first wife of James II.; Mary II., Queen Anne and her children, including the Duke of Gloucester; George II. and Caroline his Queen, Frederick, Prince of Wales, and his brother the Duke of Cumberland, since whose deaths most of our royal funerals have taken place at Windsor.

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