Tottenham Court Road

About Tottenham Court Road

Running south from Euston Road and intersecting with Charing Cross Road and Oxford Street at St Giles' Circus, Tottenham Court Road forms part of the edge of the City of Westminster.

The road is a one-way street and originates near to Centre Point, the tallest building in the West End, and also in close proximity to the British Museum and houses no fewer than 3 tube stations: Warren Street, Goodge Street and Tottenham Court Road station.

As well as being a useful through-route between some of the more prestigious shopping streets in the area, Tottenham Court Road is a bustling shopping district in its own right.

Known for its wide range of electrical outlets, the road is also home to Heals and Habitat as well as other furniture retailers.

Tottenham Court Road was also the location for the first of the infamous Spearmint Rhino lap-dancing clubs.

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