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Welcome to London Online's Events Channel. Here you can browse through literally hundreds of events taking place around London. You can also book tickets for each event securely through London Online's box office.

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London Attractions

Tickets for London's best loved attractions including romantic cruises on the Thames, visits London's magnificent palaces, London Eye, Madame Tussaud's etc.


Get yourself tickets for a huge range of concerts including the biggest names in Rock and Pop, the finest orchestras in the world, and the UK's most popular music festivals.


A real mixed bag of exhibitions and performances including artists' exhibitions, performing arts, Madame Tussaud's wax works and tickets to London Zoo.


Dinner and lunch cruises on the Thames, visits to Hampton Court, Kensington Palace, London Eye, Madame Tussaud's etc.

Special Packages

This section contains special package offers, typically combining tickets to a top event with hotel accommodation at a special price.


This section regularly features tickets to various sporting events including football matches and tennis tournaments.


One of our busiest categories with numerous shows, operas and comedies on throughout London's many theatres. A selection of shows for every day of the week.


Tickets to various palaces, banquets etc. Also be sure to check out the Sightseeing section above.

Miscellaneous Events

Miscellaneous events. This section often features some of the most unusual things going on in London.

List all events

This section gived you an A-Z of all events in our database. Note that there may be several hundred, so it may take some time to trawl through them all!