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Derry Bus Tours

Enjoy the city on board an open top bus with multilingual commentary at all times. Hop On Hop Off tour starts at the Tourist Information Centre and then takes you to all the places of interest the city has to offer.

A place of history " Derry city tours

Derry is a city which has been one of the longest inhabited places in Ireland. The earliest historical references date to the sixth century when a monastery was founded here by the great Irish Saint Columba/Columcille in 546 AD.

The Name of Derry

The name derives from the settlement's earliest references, Daire Calgaich (oak-grove of Calgach). The name was changed from Derry in 1613 during the Plantation of Ulster to reflect the establishment of the city by the London guilds.


After the building of the City Walls in the early part of the seventeenth century other key periods in the city's history have included the Siege of Derry, Emigration, Famine in Ireland, Shirt Industry, World Wars I & II, Easter Rising, Civil Rights Marches, Bloody Sunday, Ceasefires and the Good Friday Agreement, all of which have contributed in some part over the centuries to having shaped today's modern yet historic, friendly and forward-looking city.