Eltham Palace

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    Eltham Palace

    Eltham Palace was among the royal palaces that were ordered to be demolished during Cromwell's regime. Certain portions escaped destruction, however, among them the Great Hall, which had been rebuilt by Edward IV.

    Although very badly damaged, and for a time used as a barn, it is an interesting memorial of the past glories of Eltham. The double hammer beam roof is particularly fine.

    The Great Hall, which is approached by a 15th Century bridge that crosses the old moat, is open to the public. Eltham Palace was a favourite residence of the sovereigns, but lapsed from royal favour after Henry VIII built his new palace at Greenwich

    Eltham, which is in the Metropolitan Borough of Woolwich, was until 1914 little more than a village, but the proximity of Woolwich Arsenal inspired housing development for munition workers during the war, and Eltham today is a suburb of London.