Sri Nam

About Sri Nam

An Asian outpost in Canary Wharf, Sri Nam combines the best of traditional Chinese and Pan - Asian cuisine. The ground floor bar/cafe is casual and friendly, the first floor restaurant a relaxing oasis. Special recommendations include crispy Szechuan aromatic duck and Thai red beef curry. Ultra decadent Hill Station ice cream leads the dessert menu, and there is an intriguing array of freshly squeezed juices and authentic Chinese and herbal teas, as well as wine and beer.

Full a la carte


1.Kanom Jeep £5.50
Thai dim sum of steamed pork and prawn, topped with a garlic and soy sauce
2. Sai Hwua £5.95
Home made Thai sausage with a spicy tomato chutney
3. Hoi Baimitkorn £6.95
Steamed razor clams with chilli, lemon and garlic
4. Kadook Moo £5.95
Tender back spare ribs with our own sweet & sour sauce
5. Kai Bai Teoy (4 pcs) £5.50
Spiced chicken wrapped in an aromatic pandan leaf
6. Poh Pia Tod £5.25
Crispy spring rolls filled with rice vermicelli and vegetables (v)
7. Tord Mun Pla £5.95
Spicy Thai fish cakes on a bed of cucumber ribbons
8. Kai Takrai Tord £5.95
Crispy fried chicken fritters with lemon grass
9. Satay Kai £5.95
Grilled skewered marinated chicken fillet with peanut sauce
10. Hoi Shell Fakthong £6.95
Scallops and green peppercorns in a pumpkin curry sauce
11. Yum Koong Subparoud £6.50
Spicy prawn and pineapple salad with mint and wild ginger
12. Phad Poo £5.95
Glazed crab served in the shell with mixed spices
13. Pla larb £6.25
Thai spiced salmon tartar with lime and sour cream
14. Royal Thai platter (for two) £14.50
A selection of: prawn on toast, golden bags, chicken satay, seared scallops,
crispy dim sum and seaweed served with a variety of dips

15. Koi Teow Num £5.25
Mixed mushroom and noodle broth (v)
16. Talay Chowder £5.95
Mixed seafood chowder with coconut milk
Tom Yum
Revitalising hot and sour soup with lemon grass, kaffir lime leaves
and chilli, this dish is spicy! Please chose from:
17. Tom Yum Kai £5.50
18. Tom Yum Koong £5.95
19. Tom Yum Hed £5.25
Mushroom (v)
Tom Kar
Traditional coconut based soup with galangal and coriander.
Please choose from:
20. Tom Kar Kai £5.50
21. Tom Kar Koong £5.95

22. Yum Neua £9.95
Thai salad of seared sirloin steak with fresh mint, coriander and chilli
23. Yum Talay £9.25
Mixed seafood salad with mint, chilli, lemon and coriander
24. Yum Moo Daeng Plameuk £8.25
Char-grilled pork and baby octopus tossed with mixed
Thai herbs, chilli and lemon dressing
25. Pok Pok £7.25
Shredded green papaya, mango and cashew nuts
tossed in a lemon and chilli dressing (v)

Main Course

26. Hoi Koong Jarn Ron £11.50
Sizzling scallops and prawns with mixed vegetables
27. Pla Neaung Sea Bass £12.00
Steamed fillet of sea bass with preserved plums, ginger and spring onions
28. Pla Taocee £11.95
Crispy monkfish with chilli and black bean sauce
29. Pla Cod Tord £12.95
Deep-fried fillet of cod in 'Tiger Beer' batter with Japanese mayonnaise
30. Pla Cod Neaung £13.95
Steamed fillet of black cod with Thai green
'pesto' and crispy holy basil
31. Kitt Takrai £10.50
Lemon grass lamb with a Vietnamese mint sauce
32. Phed Krob £11.00
Crispy duck breast with choi sum topped with a plum sauce

33. Pladarb Yarng £10.95
Grilled swordfish fillet with cracked black pepper and lemon grass
34. Kai Num Tok £8.50
Grilled marinated chicken breast with crushed roasted rice
35. Sia Rong Hai £11.50
'Tiger Cry' - classic dish of thinly sliced flame grilled
sirloin of beef with mint and coriander
36. Neau Kratiem Yarng £11.50
Grilled sirloin of beef topped with chilli, garlic and sweet basil

55. Phad Ceeyau Koong £7.25
Stir-fried flat rice noodles with prawns
56. Koi Teow Chiang Mai £7.25
Stir-fried rice noodles with mixed seafood
57. Singapore Noodles £7.25
Famed Singapore dish of wok-fried vermicelli
noodles with pork and King prawns in curry spices
58. Phad Thai Prawn £7.25
Classic stir-fried Thai flat rice noodles with King prawns,
garnished with ground peanuts and lemon
59. Phad Mee Leang £5.95
Wok-fried egg noodles with bean sprouts (v)

Wok Flashfried:
37. Koong Mamuang £9.95
King prawns stir-fried with mango and coriander
38. Koong Moo Kraprow £8.95
King prawns and pork stir-fried with holy basil and chilli
39. Phad Phed Talay £10.95
Mixed seafood with fresh chilli and kaffir lime leaves
40. Kai Takrai Prig Sod £8.50
Chicken stir-fried with lemon grass, chilli and garlic
41. Phad Kai Med Ma Muang Himmaparn £8.50
Chicken with cashew nuts, dried chillies and spring onions
42. Phad Khing £7.95
Choice of chicken, pork or beef stir-fried with black
mushrooms, bean curd, ginger and spring onions
43. Moo Preow Wahn £8.50
Sweet and sour pork - Thai style
44. Neau Nam Mun Hoi £9.00
Beef with long beans in oyster sauce
45. Neau Phad Prig Thai Orn £9.00
Beef with fresh Thai herbs and young peppercorns
46. Ped Pad Hed Horm £9.95
Succulent slices of roasted duck breast with
bamboo shoots, mixed peppers, chilli and garlic

47. Kaeng Phed Yang £9.95
Chef's special roast duck curry with pineapple and cherry tomatoes
48. Ken Hom's Lamb Massamun £8.95
Southern Thai dish of mild and slightly sweet curry
with lamb, potato and peanuts
49. Kaeng Kiew Wahn Kai £8.95
Classic Thai green chicken curry with fresh herbs and Thai baby aubergines
50. Kaeng Pa Kai £8.95
'Jungle Curry' - a hot and spicy chicken curry -
not for the mild palate!
51. Kaeng Neua Rendang £8.95
Slow cooked red beef curry with grated coconut and potato
52. Moo Thae Poo £8.95
A very popular sweet, spicy and sour pork curry with pea tendrils
53. Kaeng Kurry Koong £9.50
Mild classic yellow curry of King prawns cooked with Thai herbs
54. Kaeng Pak £7.95
Mild creamy mixed vegetable curry (v)

60. Prawn crackers £2.50
61. Roti Chanai £2.50
Layered bread served with a prawn sambal
62. Phad Phak Khom £5.50
Stir-fried spinach with yellow beans and fresh chilli (v)
63. Phad Phak Kheaw £4.95
Wok-fried broccoli, spring greens and mushrooms (v)
64. Phad Phak Ruam £4.95
Mixed vegetables cooked in an oyster sauce
65. Makheur Muang £5.50
Sea spiced aubergine (v)

66. Kao Subparoud £7.25
Pineapple rice with King prawns
67. Egg fried rice £2.75
68. Thai fragrant rice (v) £2.50
69. Coconut rice (v) £2.75
70. Sticky rice (v) £2.75


70. Banana caramel mousse £4.95
71. Lemon and poppy seed cheese cake £4.95
72. Tropical fresh fruit platter £4.95
73. Custard tart with cinnamon ice cream £4.95
74. Banana fritters with vanilla ice cream £4.95
75. Ice cream £4.50
Please ask for flavours available
76. Sorbet £4.50
Please ask for flavours available

Additional Information


North Colonnade, 10 Cabot Square, E14 4EY

Nearest tube:

Canary Wharf

Average Price:

£25 - £34

Opening times:

Mon - Fri: 12pm - 3pm & 5:30pm - 11pm

Dress Code:

Smart casual