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Asked to mentally picture an Indian restaurant, few of us would imagine anything quite as bold and gorgeous as Manchester's Shimla Pinks. Part of a trusted chain established in 1989, this fun, funky eaterie is decked with modern furniture and art, has comfy sofa seating areas and is awash with natural light. Mixed with all this modernity are the traditional Indian values of hospitality and service. Black-clad staff are friendly, hip and helpful. A well written menu lists an enticing mix of traditional (thalis, jalfrezi, passanda), less well known (harrey masaley ka gosht) and earthy North Indian tandoori dishes - all served with fragrant basmati rice, salad, mint yoghurt sauce. Delicious. Nice vegetarian choices, and good value lunch options.

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Celebration Starters:
Kairi Dhaniye Ka Paneer Tikka (Cubes of Paneer marinated with an abundance of crushed raw mangoes, coriander, ground chilli and freshly chopped mint leaves, then wrapped in a green peppercorn-enriched batter and glazed emerald green in the tandoor) - £3.95
Talley Murgh Ke Pasandey (Strips of chicken breast marinated with cinnamon, bay leaf, cardamom and cloves, then deep fried in the Kadhai until golden brown) - £4.50
Murgh Chandi Tikka (Tikka of chicken marinated with a dream, cheese and ground cumin, roasted in the tandoor and finished with a sprinkling of freshly chopped coriander and chat masala) - £4.50
Raunaq-E-Seekh (The traditional seekh of lamb mince with the singing flavours of coriander, tomatoes, mint and spring onions, creating an extraordinary play of tastes) - £4.50
Tikka Machchi Ka (Chunks of pink Scottish Salmon matured in a rich spicy marinade of dill, fennel, ginger and a trace of mustard oil, then roasted in the tandoor) - £7.95
Tandoori Jinghe (Jumbo King Prawns marinated with mace, cardamom, lemon juice, ginger and garlic, then cooked in the tandoor until tender and golden bronze) - £8.50

Traditional Starters:
Tandoori Chicken (Tender chicken-on-the-bone, marinated with fresh herbs and spices, then barbecued over charcoal until ruby red, in the
traditional way) - £4.50
Onion Bhaji (The world famous snack of crisp onions, moulded into a sphere mesh, then deep-fried in a coating of gram flour batter until
golden brown. Shimla pinks style!) - £3.95
Mixed Vegetable Pakora (The Pakoras served at Shimla pinks are the Real McCoy! Crisp nuggets of onions, spinach, potatoes and spices delicately coated in batter and deep fried. Best eaten when smothered in the accompanying side dips) - £3.75
Samosa (A favourite of the Indian connoisseur. Deep fried savoury triangular pastries with an array of delicious fillings. Served on a bed of fresh continental salad and a basket of Chana chat. Choose from:- Spinach & Paneer. Mixed Vegetable. Chicken & Red Pepper) - £4.50
Spiced Potatoes & Garlic Mushrooms (A firm favourite with Olovers¹ of our exclusive cuisine. Soft and fluffy spiced potato balls with sautéed mushrooms in garlic butter) - £3.95
Prawn & Mango Puri (A light and crispy Opancake style¹ fried bread, embodied with fresh Norwegian Prawns laced with a tangy mango mélange) - £3.95
Fish Amritsari (Succulent chunks of cod immersed in an ajwain and gram flour batter. Delicately spiced and then deep fried, giving it a rich golden colour) - £4.50

Speciality Starters:
The following dishes are all served with a continental salad and accompanying dips.
Mixed Combo (Delve into an exquisite medley of mixed starters with our combo including aloo tikka, chicken tikka, paneer and mixed vegetable pakoras, seekh kebab and a cod nugget) - £6.95
Vegetable Combo (Delve into an exquisite medley of vegetable starters with our combo including paneer and mixed vegetable pakoras, aloo tikka, onion bhaji, vegetable samosa and a spiced potato ball) - £6.95
Tandoori Platter (A huge combo of succulent meats including tandoori chicken, chicken and lamb tikkas, seekh kebab and a king prawn served with onions on a sizzling platter) - £8.95

Main Course

Traditional Main Courses:
Lamb or Chicken - £8.45
King Prawn - £12.95
Vegetable - £6.95

- Chicken Tikka Masala
- Jaipuri (A special from Jaipur! A semi-dry dish prepared from tender pieces of barbecued meat, cooked with fresh onions, green peppers, mushrooms, fresh herbs and indian spices)
(Bite size pieces of meat prepared in a medium spiced sauce of tomatoes, fresh coriander, onion and fenugreek, then garnished with spring onions and a sprinkling of ginger)
- South Indian Garlic Chilli (Barbecued pieces of meat cooked in a garlic and chilli sauce with coriander leaves and crisp red chillies)
- Assamese Jalfrezi (Tikka pieces of meat prepared with fresh ginger, green chillies and fresh coriander leaves in a garlic dressing with strips of red peppers and a dash of whole black cumin)
- Rogan Josh
- Kerala Molee (A popular dish in Southern India. Cooked with roasted coconut and blended into a rich sauce with creamed coconut and ground cashew nuts)
- Red Fort Delicacy (Barbecued pieces of meat simmered in a mild rich and creamy sauce with ground cashew nuts. Served with a topping of flaked almonds and sultanas)
- Pista Passanda (A satin smooth mild dish made with fresh cream and ground pistachio nuts)
- Dhansak

Keema Specialities:
Keema Aloo Mattar
(Minced lamb combined with peas and potatoes, cooked with onions and tomatoes producing a semi-dry dish. Garnished with aromatic spices and fresh coriander) - £9.95

Non Vegetarian Thali (Chicken, lamb and prawn dishes prepared in different blends of herbs and spices to give a delicious assortment of flavours) - £11.95
Mixed Thali (A collection of fresh vegetables and meat-based dishes offering a fully rounded meal) - £11.95
Vegetarian Thali (Purely vegetarian dishes made with a carefully chosen selection of contrasting vegetables) - £11.50

North Indian Tandoori Sizzling Specialities:
An ancient style of cooking which originated in the rugged North West Frontier of India. The natural, healthy and earthly tones of our tandoori dishes is acheived by the use of fresh herbs and spices in the marinade, resulting in ...maybe...not the most colourful...but definitely the most delicious kebabs! All served with basmati rice, salad, mint yogurt sauce and curry gravy to desired strength.

Chicken Tikka £10.75
(Tender pieces of chicken breast grilled in the tandoor until golden. Served sizzling on a bed of chopped onions)
Tandoori Chicken £10.75
(Succulent chicken on the bone, marinated with fresh herbs and spices then barbecued over charcoal in the traditional way)
Tandoori King Prawns £13.95
(Jumbo King Prawns marinated with mace, cardamom, lemon juice, ginger and garlic. Then cooked in the tandoor until tender
and golden yellow)
Tandoor Mixed Grill £13.95
(A huge variety of succulent meats combined together to produce an array of distinctive flavours and aromas. A colossal challenge
of a meal, which oozes appeal)
Tandoori Salmon £14.95
(Mouth watering chunky fillets of Pink Scottish Salmon matured in a rich spicy marinade of dill, fennel, ginger and a trace of
mustard oil barbecued in the tandoor. The epitome of culinary experience)

Vegetarian Choice:
A tantalizing consortium of vegetarian 'golden oldies' and new-age sophistication. These dishes are recognised by everyone and anyone who has delved Into the enchanting delights of Indian culinary excellence.

Main Course - £6.95

- Khazaana-E-Lazzat (Creamy paneer and spinach kofta stuffed with a vegetable brunoise, bound with paneer and khoya, simmered in a flavoursome and full-bodied creamy tomato-gravy sauce)
- Mushroom Bhaji (Mouth-watering button mushrooms tossed with onions, tomato and coriander, mixed with an exotic fusion of spices creating a semi-dry dish)
- Mattar Paneer (Indian cheese and garden peas with fresh tomatoes, coriander, garlic and ginger, simmered in a fenugreek flavoured Makhni sauce and garnished with fresh cream)
- ubzee Miloni (Seasonal vegetables simmered in a spicy tomato-plum sauce, garnished with fresh coriander and spring onion)
- Saag Paneer (Creamed spinach and homemade Indian cheese cooked with fresh ginger, fresh chillies and cumin seeds. Crowned with a topping of freshly chopped spring onion)
- Baingan Bhartha (A charcoal-smoked aubergine delicacy cooked with onions and tomatoes)
- Bombay Aloo (Potatoes tossed with mint leaves, coriander and cumin seeds. Absolutely delicious, a must for all potato fanatics)
- Aloo Ghobi Bhuna (Tiny florets of cauliflower cooked in a dry style with potatoes and served with a flourish of coriander)
- Tadka Daal (The traditional five lentils-chana, masoor, arhar, urid and moong delicacy, cooked in terracotta pots, tempered with cumin, diced tomatoes and served with a topping of coriander)
- Chana Masala(Chickpeas cooked in a dry sauce with ginger, garlic, tomatoes and spices)


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