About Mantra

Mantra Indian restaurant, located in London’s touristy Tower Hill, offers a little more class than your ordinary curry house. Authentic, traditional Indian favourites grace the menu, and the chef is always happy to advise on spicing. A perfect place to relax after seeing the sights or an after-work meet-up.

Full a la carte


- Onion Bhaji (Deep fried shredded onion fritters) £3.00
- Aloo Tikka (Deep fried mashed potato balls with fresh curry leaves and mustard seeds) £2.95
- Crispy Aloo Chaat (Deep fried potato cubes tossed in tamarind sauce with fresh grapes, chopped onions and fresh coriander) £ 3.95
- Paneer chat Patta (A spicy and tangy combination - cubes of home made Indian cheese, chopped onions and frsh tomatoes) £3.95
- Chicken Tikka Karara (Pieces of juicy chicken marinated in a spicy Punjabi sauce & cooked in tandoor) £4.50
- Heena -e -Seekh (A speciality from Lucknow, North India - spicy minced lamb with ginger, garlic & selected herbs, skewered and cooked in tandoor) £4.95
- Prawn Pathia Puri (Spicy sweet and sour prawn served in puri bread) £5.95
- Goan Chilli Prawn (A spicy and tangy dish - garlic, turmeric and lemon marinated King prawn cooked with Goan chilli paste) £5.95
- Ajwaini Fish Tikka (Chef's speciality, carom seed marination) £5.00

- Cashew Nut Pakora (Cashew nuts dipped in spicy batter & fried) £4.50
- Chicken Pakora (Chicken breast dipped in spicy batter & fried) £4.95
- Mushroom & Cauliflower Pakora (Spiced mushrooms & Cauliflower dipped in batter & fried) £4.95

- Tandoori chicken (Spring chicken marinated with rare Indian herbs and yoghurt) £7.95
- Murg Haryali Kebab (Boneless pieces of chicken, delicately marinate with a thick mixture of yoghurt, mint, coriander & Indian herbs) £8.95
- Anari Lamb tikka (Selected pieces of lamb chops marinated Overnight with garlic, ginger, lemon, fresh herbs & pomegranate seeds) £8.95
- Tandoori Shai prawn (King prawns marinated with ajwain, saffron & yoghurt) £11.95

- Mantra Veg / Non-veg Platter £9.95

- Chilli Chicken (Boneless chicken cooked with onions, chillies, curry leaves, tomatoes & capsicum) £8.95
- Chilli Paneer (Cubes of home made cheese cooked with onions,chillies, curry leaves, tomatoes & capsicum) £7.95
- Fish fry (Pomfret fish marinated in a special masala & deep fried) £8.95
- Chemmeen Poriyal (Marinated King prawns fried & tossed in brown sliced coconut) £9.50
- Chicken / King prawn (soaked in a spicy marinated mixture of hot batter served with a fresh salad) £7.95 / 9.95
- Spicy Lamb chilli fry (Pieces of lamb marinated in spices & cooked with onions & tomatoes) £8.95
- Fried Chicken Wing Special (Chicken wings marinated in spices, deep fried & served with onions) £8.95

- Dal Soup (Three kinds of lentil cooked with tomatoes, garlic & black pepper) £3.50
- Rasam (Hot pepper soup made of tomatoes, tamarind juice & spices) £3.50
- Chicken Soup (Chicken soup made of onion, lemon juice & spices) £3.50

Main Course

- Fish Chilli Karahi (Seasonal fish cooked with spring onions, tomatoes, green peppers, chillies & herbs) £11.95
- Mala King Prawn (King prawn cooked with spices, herbs & mild creamy sauce) £12.50
- Kerala Fish Curry (Succulent pieces of King fish marinated & cooked with smoked tamarind, onions, coconut milk & curry leaves) £11.95
- Cochin Prawn Curry (King prawn cooked with spices, tomatoes, onions & fresh coconut milk (authentically Cochin)) £10.95
- King Prawn Special (King prawns marinated in light spices & cooked with onions, tomatoes & capsicum) £10.95
- Prawns & Spinach (King prawns marinated & cooked with fresh spinach) £10.95

- Chicken Jalfrezi (A spicy dish - Succulent pieces of chicken cooked with green chillies, onions & capsicum) £9.95
- Chicken Tikka Masala (A Favorite Of Britain - Chicken Tikka Cooked In Tangy Tomato Gravy Flavored With Fenugreek) £9.95
- Murgh Makhani (Tandoori roasted chicken breast tikka poached in an exotic clarified butter, onions & tomato sauce) £9.95
- Chicken Korma (Chicken breast cooked with tomatoes, onions & made in a creamy sauce) £8.95
- Chicken Malabar (Curried boneless chicken cooked with spices, tomatoes, fresh coconut milk & curry leaves) £9.95
- Kozhi Varutha Curry (Chicken breast marinated in spices & made into a curry)£8.95
- Chicken Masala (Tender pieces of chicken breasts marinated in spices and cooked with tomatoes, coconut milk & curry leaves) £8.95
- Chicken & Spinach (Tender pieces of chicken marinated & cooked with fresh spinach) £8.95
- Ginger Chicken (Cubes of chicken marinated & stir fried in fresh ginger & spices) £8.95
- Pepper Chicken (Boneless chicken marinated in herbs, black pepper & cooked along with onions & green chillies) £8.95

- Lamb Passanda (Tender pieces of lamb cooked with butter in a creamy coconut wine sauce) £10.50
- Chilli Lamb Shank (Lamb shank marinated overnight with herbs & cooked with chillies in an onion sauce) £11.95
- Rogan Josh (Pieces of lamb marinated in spices & cooked in thick gravy) £10.50
- Lamb & Spinach (Tender pieces of lamb marinated & cooked with fresh spinach) £10.50
- Green Mutton Masala (Cubes of lamb marinated in green masala & cooked along with tomatoes, onions & curry leaves) £10.50
- Meat Malabar (Cubes of lamb marinated in spices, onions, tomatoes, fresh coconut milk & curry leaves) £10.50
- Kerala Muttan Curry (Lamb pieces cooked in Keralian style with turmeric, coriander, chillies & a hint of black pepper) £10.50

- Mixed Vegetable Jalfrezi (Stir fried mixed garden vegetables cooked with onions & tomatoes & peppers) £6.95
- Bombay Aloo (Diced new potatoes cooked with cumin, garlic & tomatoes) £5.50
- Bhindi - Do -Piaza (Stir fried okra cooked with onions, tomatoes & caram seeds) £5.50
- Saag Aloo (Spinach & Potatoes cooked along with onions & light spices) £5.50
- Mushroom Bawali Handi (Fresh mushroom & garden vegetables cooked in a silky smooth vegetable sauce) £6.95
- Pindi Chana (A tangy dish of chick peas cooked with onions & tomatoes) £5.50
- Tarka Dal (Yellow lentils tempered with garlic, cumin & onions) £5.50
- Karahi Paneer (A speciality from Khyber pass, sliced home made Indian cheese cooked along with chopped tomatoes, capsicum and spices) £6.95
- Cabbage Thoran (Shredded cabbage cooked along with onions, fresh coconut, fresh coriander & green chillies) £5.50
- Potato Methi (A dry dish, Potato cooked with fenugreek leaves) £5.50
- Green Banana (Green banana cooked with spices & onions) £5.50
- Dal & Spinach (Spinach & lentils cooked with garlic & onions) £5.50
- Vegetable / Mushroom Korma (Vegetable dish with ginger, garlic, coriander, onions, tomatoes & made in a creamy sauce) £6.95
- Kadala Curry (Chickpeas cooked in spices, onions & curry leaves) £6.95
- Tomato Curry (Fresh tomatoes cooked with spices in a tangy yoghurt sauce) £6.95
- Cauliflower & Potato Curry (Cauliflower & potatoes cooked in coconut milk, onions, tomatoes & spices) £6.95
- Kalan (Sweet mango & yam cooked with fresh coconut, yoghurt, cumin & green chillies) £5.50
- Vegetable Malabar (Fresh vegetables cooked in a coconut based sauce) £6.95

BIRYANI (All Served With Biryani Sauce)
- Murg Lucknabi biryani (Saffron flavored basmati rice cooked with chicken, Indian herbs & spices) £11.95
- Hyderabadi Lamb Biryani (Tender pieces of boneless spring lamb cooked in an aromatic sauce & rose petal scented Rice) £12.95
- King Prawn Biryani (Succulent pieces of King prawns mixed with green herbs & spices. Layered with fragrant Rice) £12.95
- Vegetable / Egg Biryani (Egg / Fresh vegetables cooked with yoghurt& tropical spices. Layered with brown onion & saffron Rice) £9.95

- Plain Naan (Fluffy leavened bread made from refined flour) £2.50
- Garlic Naan (Naan coated with garlic & fresh coriander) £3.50
- Chilli & Cheese Naan (Naan stuffed with cheese & deseeded fresh green chilli) £3.50
- Keema Naan (Naan stuffed with marinated minced meat) £3.50
- Malabar Paratha (A soft, flat & layered bread) £3.00
- Sweet Coconut Paratha (Stuffed poratha with grated coconut filling) £3.50
- Green Chilli Paratha (Stuffed poratha with green chillies & onions) £3.50
- Aloo Paratha (Stuffed porath with potato filling) £3.50
- Garlic Paratha (Stuffed porath with garlic & onion filling) £3.50

- Mushroom / Egg Rice (Finest basmati rice tossed with egg or Fresh mushroom) £4.50
- Vegetable Pilau Rice (Rice with mixed vegetables) £4.50
- Lemon Rice (Basmati rice flavored with lemon, mustard & curry leaves) £3.50
- Pilau Rice (Basmati rice perfumed with saffron) £3.00
- Steamed Rice £3.00


Additional Information


37 Crutched Friars, EC3N 2AE

Nearest tube:

Tower Hill

Average Price:

£25-£34 / €35-€49

Opening times:

Mon-Fri: 12 noon - 3pm & 6pm -11pm

Dress Code:

Smart Casual