Poisson Rouge, The Circus Challenge

About Poisson Rouge, The Circus Challenge

The Circus Challenge is about bringing people together to experience all the fun and thrills of the Big Top.
This Challenge is extremely effective for developing communication and interaction between colleagues - everyone is involved in learning a variety of highly unusual activities that many will never get the opportunity to try again.
During the course of these workshops, certain individuals will be identified as star performers - these are just as likely to be the people that are laughing the most as those that are showing real talent.
While the teams are teaching each other, the selected star performers will get together with the show director to work on the grand finale performance.
Having practised to perfection, or as close as time will allow, the star performers will put on circus performance that will be talked about for months afterwards. This will last about 10-15 minutes with the audience being made up of their colleagues to provide encouragement, applause and laughter.


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