Poisson Rouge, The Beer Challenge

About Poisson Rouge, The Beer Challenge

The Beer Challenge is a team building event designed to get teams focusing on real business issues, whilst at the same time having maximum fun.
Teams are first introduced to the vagaries of beer tasting and the world of different beers. Having had a chance to sample a variety of different beers, teams are then briefed that they represent a small and failing brewery that needs their help.
Working as a team and using the resources available to them, the task is to develop a new beer that will re-establish their fortunes and bring them back to profit.
Teams must create a new flavoured beer and decide on their target markets, packaging, pricing, promotion and general marketing strategy. Each team will then present their new product and strategy to the rest of the participants and judges.
They must also produce and perform an advert for the beer, which must include a jingle. Where possible, it is even better to shoot the commercials on video.


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