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Madhu's is something of a Southall institution. Still managed by the Anand brothers who opened it over 25 years ago, it is a popular destination with Punjabi families, adventurous non-Asians, and critics (it's won several foodie awards). Its look is contemporary - illuminated glass panelling, shiny black granite flooring, black leather chairs, and white table linen neatly arranged by waitresses in saris. The cooking is Punjabi with a Kenyan twist (the Anands are from there). Most popular of the Kenyan dishes are nyamah choma - lamb spare ribs marinated in lemon and chilli before being chargrilled in a tandoori (a Masai warrior dish, apparently), and the brilliantly-named buzi bafu - lamb chops simmered in the house onion and tomato sauce. Pick of the Punjabi offering is the perfect jeera chicken starter. The home made almond kulfi is near-divine.

Sample a la carte


- King Prawns Achari (3pieces)£ 11.00
King prawns marinated in fresh pickle spices and garlic, chargrilled in the Tandoor.
- Til Jhinga(6 pieces)£ 11.00
Batter-fried king prawns coated in sesame seeds.( til)
- Masala Fried Tilapia(2 persons)£ 9.00
Tilapia a fresh water fish, specially flown in from Kenya's Lake Victoria, marinated in a perfect blend of spices and lemon, coated
with batter and crisply fried.

- Tandoori Salmon(2 persons)£ 10.00
Char-grilled salmon fillet, with a delicate flavour of carom
seeds and lemon.

- Chicken Malai Tikka(2 persons)£9.00
Tender, juicy, mildly-spiced, boneless chicken chunks kept overnight in a Garlic, cream (malai) and cheese marinade, then roasted in the tandoor.

- Chicken Tikka(2 persons)£ 9.00
Pieces of chicken marinated in yoghurt, chillies and spices, cooked to perfect
succulence in the tandoor.

- Tandoori Chicken( 2 persons)£ 10.00
Chicken on-the-bone, marinated in yoghurt, red chillies and spices then roasted in clay oven.

- Butter Chicken( 2 persons)£10.00
Pan-fried buttered chicken, cooked according to Madhu's family recipe and served on-the-bone.

- Jeera Chicken( 2 persons)£10.00
On-the-bone chicken pieces, pan fried with roasted cumin seeds and freshly ground black pepper.

- Chilli Chicken( 2 persons)£10.00
Succulent on-the-bone chicken pieces tossed with fresh green chillies,fenugreek and spices.

- Nyamah Choma( 2 persons)£9.00
A Traditional African Masai warrior dish of spare ribs made on open fires in Masai Mara.
Madhu's have adapted this dish by using lamb ribs, marinated in chilli and lemon
and chargilling in the tandoor.

Tandoori Lamb (4 pieces )£ 10.00
Tender Spring Lamb Chops marinated in a special blend of spices,enhanced with black pepper, cooked on skewers in the tandoor.

- Raraha(8 pieces)£ 10.00
- Succulent morsels of lamb, marinated in freshly cracked black pepper,
lemon and chilli.

- Sheekh Kebab(8 pieces)£ 9.00
Juicy mouth-watering kebabs, prepared from home - ground lamb tenderloin, blended with fresh herbs and spices, cooked to perfect
succulence in the tandoor.

- Meat Samosas(4 pieces)£ 5.00
Triangular shaped filo pastry filled with spicy minced lamb Keema, then deep-fried
for crispiness.

- Tandoori Mixed Grill(2 persons)£16
An assortment of kebabs on a platter Achari Prawns, Chicken Malai Tikka,
Tandoori Chicken, Sheekh Kebab and Tandoori Lamb Chops.

- Denotes dish is spicy hot
Indicates Madhu's Specialities

Vegetarian Selection
- Tandoori Paneer Tikka( 2 persons) £7.00
Home- made Indian cottage cheese, cubed and marinated with yoghurt, ginger,garlic, red chillies and spices, then cooked in tandoor.

- Paneerab( 2 pieces)£ 6.00
Mouth- melting, golden-fried Indian cottage (Paneer) cheese patties,flavoured with roasted cumin seeds.
- Hara Bhara Kebab (6 pieces)£ 6.00
Finger-sized Kebabs made from Indian cottage cheese , green peas and fenugreek
.flavoured with coriander.

- Paneer Pilli Pilli(2 persons)£7.00
Indo-oriental style of tossing cubes of Indian cottage cheese (paneer), onion,
green chillies and peppers in a tangy sauce.

- Aloo Papri Chaat(2 persons)£5.00
A refreshing, crunchy combination of fried wheat crisps (papri),boiled potato
Cubes, chickpeas and chopped onion in a fresh mint and tangy tamarind
Sauce, garnished with fresh coriander. Served cold.

- Aloo Tika(2 persons)£5.00
Authentic pan-fried potato cakes, lightly spiced, flavoured with pomegranate seeds
topped with yoghurt, chickpeas and sweet and sour tamarind sauce.
- Pilli Pilli Boga(2 person)£7.00
A crispy- fried, colourful combination of aubergine, cauliflower, mushrooms,
baby corn and peppers, flavoured with garlic and ginger.

- Onion Bhajia(2 persons)£5.00
Onion slices dipped in spiced gram flour batter, then golden- fried for crispiness.

- Aloo Bhajia(2 persons)£5.00
Potato wheels dipped in spiced gram flour batter, then golden-fried for crispiness and garnished with fresh coriander leaves.

- Vegetable Samosas(4pieces)£ 5.00
Triangular-shaped filo pastry filled with spicy vegetable, then deep-fried for crispiness.

- Mogo Jeera / Fried(2 person)£5.00
Fresh cassava pan-fried with roasted cumin seeds and freshly ground black pepper. Or fresh Cassava deep-fried and seasoned with spices.

- Papadoms (plain or spicy)£ 0.50
Thin, crisp lentil-flour crackers, served fried or roasted.

- Fresh Garden Salad £ 4.00
Chef's exotic creation.

Denotes dish is spicy hot

Main Course

King prawn masala (an exotic preparation of king prawns, cooked in a rich masala gravy with its blend of spices distinctively flavoured with carom seeds) £12.00
Karela chicken (chicken, simmered on-the-bone in a blend of spices and India's bitter-gourd (karela) resulting in a authentic bitter taste) £10.00
Makhni chicken (chicken pieces simmered to succulence in a mild gravy, enriched with butter (makhni) and cream and aromatically spiced with cardamom and cinnamon) £10.00
Karahi gosht (hot and spicy lamb cooked in a sauce with tomatoes, onion, ginger and garlic. Cooked in the traditional Indian wok) £10.00
Murg methi (chicken cooked with fresh and dry fenugreek (methi), in a traditional punjabi sauce) £34.00 (serves 6 persons)
Anda curry (a moghul favourite, the humble egg is hard-boiled and finished in a spicy, runny masala curry, enhanced with ground black pepper) £7.00

Other main courses are available.


Kulfi badam (home-made traditional Indian cone shaped ice cream with almonds) £4.00
Gajer ka halwa (traditionally caramelised carrot sweet dish, a favourite from the northern frontier of India) £3.50
Gulab jamun (deep fried spongy milk cake dumplings with syrup) £3.50
Rasmalai (rich, sweet milk sponge in creamy milk syrup, dressed with pistachio and almonds) £3.50

Other desserts are available.

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