Ming Court

About Ming Court

This established Chinese near Fleet Street serves good, tasty food quick at very reasonable prices for this area of London. Crucially, they serve it quick. This is exactly what all the local City professionals on a short time leash need. Feast on a three-course lunch in an hour if very hungry or dim sum for something lighter. But it's not only busy during the day; evenings see the smart room softened with candlelight and contented tourists. A wide-ranging menu makes the occasional fragrant foray to Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam. Service is swift and helpful, waiters announcing each dish as they place it in front of you.

Full a la carte


Imperial platter (for 2) £15.20
(Thai spring rolls, sesame prawn toast, honey barbecued ribs, chicken satay, seaweed)

Seafood platter (for 2) £22.00
(Steamed scallops, butterfly king prawns, Thai fish cakes, salt & pepper squid, seaweed)

Vegetarian platter (for 2) £13.60
(Vegetarian spring rolls, chilli tofu salad, garlic & pepper cauliflower florets, seaweed)

Thai spring rolls (4) v £5.80
Steamed fresh scallops with garlic (2) £6.85

Thai fish cakes £6.30

Sea-spiced soft shell crab (each) £7.90

Butterfly king prawns in light breadcrumbs £8.35

Tempura prawn dumplings £7.10

Singapore chilli crab with steamed Shanghai buns £14.50

Prawn toast with sesame £6.90

Grilled Shanghai dumplings £6.25

Peking prawn & pork dumplings in chilli soy £6.25

Tiger king prawn spring rolls (4) £8.35

Crisp seaweed with grated scallops v £5.25

Chicken satay (4) £6.30
Salt & pepper king prawns £8.35

Tempura cauliflower florets with garlic & chillies v £5.80

Honey barbecued ribs £5.80

Roast ribs with chilli & garlic £5.80

Tempura oysters £7.90

Wok fried fresh mussels with black beans & garlic £7.90

Sea-spiced squid with chilli & garlic £7.35

Main Course

Aromatic duck served with pancakes & salad
Qtr £13.65
Half £25.00
Whole £45.00
Peking Duck served with pancakes & salad
Half £29.50
Whole £48.00

Seafood lettuce wrap £10.00

Vegetable 'Mou shui' £8.40 (julienne vegetables served with pancakes & plum sauce)

Lamb & crisp vegetable lettuce wrap £10.00

Hot & sour v £4.40

Won ton £4.40

Mixed vegetable & tofu v £4.40

Sweetcorn with crabmeat or chicken v £4.40

Chicken & mushroom £4.40

Tom yum kung £6.95
(Thai spicy soup with king prawns, squid, chillies, lemongrass, galangal)

Tom yum kai v £5.95
(Thai spicy soup with chicken, chillies, lemongrass, galangal)


Szechuan chicken £7.95

Chicken with cashew nuts & crushed yellow beans £7.95

Sweet & sour chicken £7.95

Thai lemon chicken £7.95
Thai green curry with chicken, aubergines, lime leaves & coconut milk £7.95

Chef Siow's Malaysian chicken curry £9.50

Malaysian sambal chicken £7.95
(Stir fried chicken with hot chilli shrimp sambal)

Chicken with black beans & capsicum £7.95

Gai ped bai kraprow £7.95
(Stir fried chicken with fresh basil & chillies)
Gang ped gai £7.95
(Thai red curry with chicken, lemongrass, galangal & coconut milk

Kung Po chicken with cashew nuts & dry chillies £7.95

Thai lemon duck £9.95

Stir fried duck breast with ginger & spring onions £9.95

Gang ped pedyang £9.95
(Thai red curry with duck, lemongrass, galangal & coconut milk)


Szechuan beef £8.50

Beef with ginger & spring onions £8.50

Beef with black beans & capsicum £8.50

Crispy beef shreds with carrots & chillies £8.90
Thai green curry with beef, aubergines, lime leaves & coconut milk £8.50

Beef with coriander & shallots £8.50

Sweet & sour pork fillet £7.95

Vietnamese pork cutlets with lime, chillies & spices £9.50

Honey barbecued pork cutletsm £9.50

Chef Siow's diced leg of lamb curry with star anise & five spice £11.50

Kung Po lamb fillet with dry chillies & cashew nuts £9.50

Wok fried lamb fillet with basil & chillies £9.50
Lamb fillet with chillies, lemongrass & tamarind £9.50
Pan fried lamb with cashew nuts & crushed yellow beans £9.50


Steamed banana leaf parcel of seabass fillets £13.90
in exotic spices & herbs

Fillets of seabass curry with galangal, chillies & coconut milk £13.90

Drunken fish £13.90
Pan fried seabass fillets with Chinese Shaosing wine & shitake mushrooms

Steamed fresh whole seabass £28.90
i) with ginger & spring onions
ii) with black beans & garlic
iii) with tamarind, hot chillies & galangal
Crisp whole seabass (de-boned) with sweet peppers & chillies £28.90

Crisp fillets of whole lemon sole served with citrus soya sauce £21.00


Stir fried fresh whole lobster £32.00
i) with ginger & spring onions
ii) with lemongrass, galangal, coriander & chillies

Malaysian tiger king prawns with fresh curry leaves & chillies £10.95

Vietnamese king prawns with chillies, lime & spices £10.80

Szechuan king prawns £10.80

King prawns with chillies, lemongrass & tamarind £10.80

Sweet & sour king prawns £10.80

King prawns with black beans & capsicum £10.80

Kung pad bai kraprow £10.80
(Thai stir fried king prawns with basil leaves & chillies)

Gand ped kung £10.80
(Thai red curry with king prawns, lemongrass, galangal & coconut milk)

Thai green curry with tiger king prawns, aubergines, lime leaves £10.95
& sweet basil

Scallops with hot sambal & sugar snaps £13.90

Scallops with ginger & spring onions £13.90

Squid with chillies, lemongrass, tamarind & French beans £9.50

Kung Po chilli squid with cashew nuts & dry chillies £9.50

Iron Griddle Sizzlers

Seafood sizzler £12.50
(King prawns, scallops, squid)

Malaysian sambal king prawns £11.80

Sizzling ' Kung Po' seafood with dry chillies & cashews nuts £12.50

Lamb fillet with fresh ginger & spring onions £10.50

Vietnamese griddled lamb fillet with lime, chillies & spices £10.50

Sizzling chicken fillet with crushed peppercorns £10.50

Griddled scallops with lime juice & hot chillies £14.50

Fillet steak with tamarind, chillies & spices £14.00

Black peppered fillet steak £14.00

Vegetables & tofu

Wok fried seasonal vegetables £5.95

Lohan mixed vegetables £7.00
(A vegetarian dish favoured by Buddhist monks)
French beans with hot shrimp sambal £5.95

Chinese seasonal greens with garlic & shallots £6.30

Chinese shitake with broccoli £7.50

Pan fried tofu with Chinese shitake £7.50

"Ma Po" tofu v £8.50
(Chilli tofu with minced beef steak)

Sea-spiced chilli aubergines £6.50

Thai mixed vegetable curry £7.50


Wok fried egg or rice noodles with chicken, beef & pork v £8.50

Pad Thai noodles v £8.50

Wok fried noodles with bean shoots v £5.50

Wok fried egg or rice noodles with seafood £9.70

Singapore fried noodles v £8.00


Nasi goreng v £8.50
(Special fried rice with chicken, shallots, chilli sambal & dark soy)

Special fried rice £4.80/£8.00
(Rice with shrimps, egg, peas & barbecued pork)

Egg fried rice £3.50

Steamed rice £2.50

King prawn fried rice £9.50

Chicken fried rice £8.00


Additional Information


54 - 56 Ludgate Court, EC4M 7HX

Nearest tube:


Average Price:

£25 - £34

Opening times:

Mon - Thurs 12pm - 5pm & 6pm - 11:30pm
Fr 12pm -3pm & 6pm - 11:30pm
Sat & Sun and bank hols closed all day

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