About Masa

The world may normally talk about other topics when it comes to Afghanistan, but one of its best talking points is the food. Masa, one of the few Afghan restaurants in London, offers delicious, diverse cuisine pitched somewhere between central and south Asia, all kormas, pilaffs, kebabs and stuffed vine leaves. Masa might look plush, but it's also remarkably good value, providing generous portions of homely Afghan dishes such as quabli palow, spiced basmati rice garnished with raisins and grated carrot. The open kitchen, ornate carpets and granite flooring give it an elegant feel, whilst its status as one of the few restaurants of its kind in the capital affords it a certain air of justifiable superiority.

Sample a la carte


- Grill aubergine (grilled aubergine, garlic, wallnut and thick youghurt) £3.50
- Bourani afghani (aubergine, tomato, herbs mixed with thick yoghurt or quroot & garlic) £3.50
- Hot potatoes (fried potatoes mix with special herbs green chilli and fresh coriander) £3.50
- Mast-o-mouseer (thick yoghurt mixed with wild garlic and herbs) £2.50

Other starters are available.

Main Course

- Quail (2 quail barbecued. Served with naan & salad) £8.95
- Garlic prawn (12 pieces of marinated king prawn, fried with garlic and herbs)£8.95
- Lamb karahi (lamb meat cooked in tomato sauce, herbs and chillies, served with naan and salad) £6.95
- Kofta kurma (meatball curry served with salad and naan) £6.95
- Bamia ba ghost (lady finger cooked with lamb meat served with naan and salad) £6.95
- Sabzi paneer (spinach cooked with home made cheese, served with salad, naan or challow rice) £6.95

Other main courses are available.


- A selection of desserts are available.

Additional Information


24-26 Headstone Drive, Wealdstone, HA3 5QH

Nearest tube:

Harrow & Wealdstone

Average Price:

£24 and under

Opening times:

Mon - Sun 12:30pm - 11pm

Dress Code: