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About Karahi Dubba

In the heart of Kingston-upon-Thames, Karahi Dubba brings stylish Punjabi dining to the commuter belt masses. From the moment you approach the glass fronted restaurant with its simple signage you know this isn't a place for drunken lads on a post-pub curry binge. Inside you'll find a temple of contemporary styling; clean lines, white walls and brown leather with the odd decadent hint in the shape of antique styled mirrors, Asian artefacts or bowls of exotic flowers. Inspired by Punjabi cuisine, Karahi Dubba's chefs work with both traditional and contemporary flavours and techniques to produce an extensive menu of dishes to suit all tastes.

Sample dinner menu


- Paneer pakora (cottage cheese fried, served hot with sauce) £6.50
- Onion Bhaji (sliced spiced onion served with hot sauce) £3.00
- Mixed pakora (mixed vegetables fried, served hot with sauce) £5.50
- Samosa (pastry stuffed with mixed vegatables, served with hot sauce) 80p each

Other starters is available.

Main Course

- King prawn jalfrezi (king prawns cooked with butter, green chilli, green peppers, served with a sweet & sour sauce) £11.00
- Karahi vegetable korma (mixed Vegetables in a sauce of cream, ground almonds, ground coconut & spices) £5.50
- Chicken jalfrezi (fillets of chicken cooked with butter, green chilli, and green peppers, served with a sweet and sour sauce) £8.00
- King prawn tikka masala (king prawns marinated, roasted in tandoor & served with a rich cream and butter sauce) £11.00
- Karahi saag gosht (noneless Lamb cooked with fresh spinach, fenugreek & mustard leaves) £7.00

Other main courses is available.


- Gulab jamun (dumplings made from reduced milk & served in syrup) £2.50
- Ras malai (poached dumplings made from home made cottage cheese served with a creamy, saffron flavoured reduced milk sauce) £2.50
- Kheer (an Indian rice pudding made of milk & rice, flavoured with cardamom & garnished with chopped almonds & pistachios) £2.50
- Kulfi (a rich & creamy home made ice-cream with a flavouring of cardamom, served herbal syrup) £2.50

Other desserts is available.

Additional Information


51 Surbiton Road, KT1 2HG

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Average Price:

£24 and under

Opening times:

Mon - Sat 12pm - 3pm & 6pm - 11:30pm
Closed Sun

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