Imperial City Chinese Restaurant and Bar

About Imperial City Chinese Restaurant and Bar

Tucked into the vaulted cellars of the 400 year old Royal Exchange, the beautifully decorated Imperial City is full of happy bankers and city suits sampling the very high quality Chinese menu. Celebrity chef Ken Hom has created the imaginative menu and all the food is beautifully presented. Favourite dishes include spicy chilli prawns and crispy aromatic duck. Three set menus encourage sampling, or the a la carte allows you to choose favourites. Vegetarians will be happy too.

Full a la carte


1. Imperial hot platter (min 2 n persons) £14.90 Prawn dumplings, pot stickers, Imperial sausages, chicken satay,
butte terfly prawns and vegetable spring rolls, served with a h variety of dips
2. Salted du duck eggs with prawn and black bean aioli £5.50
3. Dim su sum with crispy ga garlic and soy £5.75
4. Razor clams with chill and black beans £6.95
5. Cantonese crab and prawn toast with black and white sesame £5.75
6. Mandarin spare ribs £5.75
7. BBQ chicken satay £5.95
8. Teriyaki eel fillet with sanfire, chilli and black pe pepper £6.95
9. Duck rolls wi with hoi-sin sauce £6.50
10. Three way scallops £8.95
- ginger & r spring onion
- sea spiced
- glass noodles & s ga garlic
11. Imperial crab cakes £6.95
12. Salt and pepper soft shell crab £9.95
13. Salt and pepper prawns £7.95
14. Crispy seaweed with walnuts £5.25
14. Imperial Peking duck
whole £40.00
half £24.00
15. Szechuan crispy aromatic duck
whole £40.00
half £22.95
quarter £13.95
16. Braised mixed seafood hot pot (for two) £14.00
17. Szechuan hot and sour £5.50
18. Mush shroom and noodle broth £5.50
19. Classic Won Ton £5.50
20. Rainbow vegetables £5.25
21. Cantonese corn and crab £5.50
22. Imperial shark fin £7.95

Main Course

Chill illi tiger prawns wi with curry leaf and ga garlic £11.95
24. XO prawns wi with leek and enoki mush shrooms £11.95
25. Crispy King prawns wi with black bean sauce £11.95
26. St Steamed f d fil illet of Dov over sole scented wi with sea urchi hin and koo oo choi £15.95
27. Wok-fried crispy monkfish wi with ginger and vegetables £14.00
28. Chilean sea bass wi with sea cucumber and star anise £15.00
29. Laksa monkfish curry £14.95
30. Pan-fried black cod wi with Empress pesto £15.95
31. Fresh lobster, cooked to your choice of £28.00
- Singapore chill illi
- Chill illi and black beans
- Ginger and spring onions

32. Free range chicken wi with lemon and ga garlic £8.75
33. Red chicken curry wi with potatoes and cilantro £8.95
34. Wok-fried du duck bre reast wi with cherries and wild ginger £11.95
35. Clay pot chicken wi with Chi hinese mush shrooms £9.50
36. Gui uinea fowl wi with enoki mush shrooms and black pe pepper £9.95
37. Crispy du duck wi with sour plum sauce £11.50
38. Peking style roast squab pigeon wi with wild strawberries and sz szechuan pe pepper £12.95

39. Crispy sh shredded chill illi beef £8.95
40. Sizzling f g fil illet of beef Cantonese style £12.95
41. Beef wi with lemon grass and cracked black pe pepper £13.50
42. Imperial style osso sobuco wi with Shanghai noodles £11.95
43. Chiu chow style sweet and sour pork £8.95
44. Cantonese roast du duck and BBQ pork £9.95
45. Ying Yang beef and pork wi with black pe pepper £9.95
46. Sizzling f g five spiced free range pork chop wi with mustard greens £10.50
47. Crocodile wi with broccoli and cashew nuts £11.95
48. Gril illed rump of lamb wi with li lily bulbs and wild ga garlic £12.95
49. Wok-fried venison wi with black pe pepper and snow peas £11.95

50. Chi hinese broccoli wi with wild ginger £5.95
51. Stir-fried mustard greens wi with yellow beans and chill illi £5.95
52 52. Suga gar snap peas wi with cracked black pe pepper and cashew nuts £5.50
53. Seasonal Chi hinese greens wi with oyster sauce £5.50
54. Sea spiced aubergine wi with Shanghai noodles £5.50
55. Stir-fried broccoli wi with ginger £5.50
56. Stir-fried choi su sum wi with ga garlic £5.50

Rice & Noodles:
57. Fried ra ramen noodles wi with prawns and scallops £7.50
58. Singapore style curried rice noodles £7.25
59. Stir-fried noodles wi with bean sprouts £5.95
60. Imperial special fried rice £6.95
61. Pineapple rice wi with prawns £6.50
62. Egg fried rice £3.25
63. St Steamed jasmine rice £2.95
64. Prawn crackers rs £2.00


70. Wild strawberry mousse wi with mangostine jelly £5.25
71. Mango and toffee cheesecake £5.25
72. Rich chocolate tart wi with vanil illa ice cre ream £5.25
73. Imperial lotus pancakes £5.25
74. Tropical fresh fruit platter £5.25
75 75. Ice cre ream ( m Please ask staff for flavours available) e) £4.50
76. Sorbrbet (Please ask staff for flavours available) e) £4.50


Set menu’s are available - £15.99 - £25.99 per person

Additional Information


Royal Exchange, Cornhill, EC3V 3LL

Nearest tube:


Average Price:

£35 - £44

Opening times:

Mon-Fri 12.00pm-3.00pm

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