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So it sounds like your local, but lordy is the Hare and Tortoise far more exotic than your common or garden British boozer: a modern, open-kitchen Oriental noodle bar in fact. Fancy somewhere fad-free, fast and friendly? Then chopsticks at the ready and dive into a delicious, nutritious variety of Japanese noodles, sushi, dumplings, maki, lo mein, chow mein and rice dishes - all served in nice big portions. Not weighed down by the air of snobbery that sometimes hangs around this kind of ’new cuisine’ restaurant in London, the Hare and Tortoise offers a warm atmosphere with a down-to-earth décor style that befits the food. Beer drinkers might like to know that they have Kirin on draught. Healthy, cheap, open seven days week - the Hare and Tortoise is racing ahead as the first choice for food fans who appreciate a restaurant like this one in the heart of Putney.

Full a la carte menu


Japanese green salad (Japanese style salad with tomato, lettuce, cucumber, carrot and sweet corn, with a choice of wafu or thousand island dressing) - £3
Prawn spring roll (deep fried king prawns wrapped in crispy wafer paper, served with seafood dipping sauce) - £3.90/4pcs
Crab claws (deep fried minced crab meat coated with bread crumbs, served with seafood dipping sauce) - £3.80/3pcs
Spicy wing stick (deep fried off-boned chicken wings marinated with Chinese spices, tossed with salt, pepper and chilli) - £3.60/5pcs
Age dashi tofu (deep fried tofu in a dashi based sauce with grated white radish, garnish with spring onion) - £2.90/3pcs
Panko honey king prawns (deep fried king prawns coated with bread crumbs. Served with seafood dipping sauce) - £3.80/3pcs
Vegetarian spring rolls (light and crispy. Served with sweet chilli dipping sauce) - £2.90/6pcs
Chinese greens (steamed seasonal chinese green, topped with oyster sauce and sesame oil) - £2.90
Chicken yakitori (3 skewers of char-grilled chicken, marinated in yakitori sauce) - £3/3pcs
Edamame (steamed soy bean in pod, lightly salted) - £2.60
Ebi tempura (deep fried prawns and vegetables in a light batter, served with a dashi based dipping sauce) - £5.50/3pcs
Vegetable tempura (deep fried selection of exotic vegetables in a light batter, served with a dashi based dipping sauce) - £4.20
Chicken / vegetarian / pork gyoza (pan fried crispy dumpling served with vinegar or soy sauce) - £2.80/4pcs
Sake Nigri (salmon on top of a small bed of rice) - £2.40/2pcs or £3.60/4pcs
Tuna & Mayonnasie Nigri Set - £2.40/2pcs or £3.60/4pcs
Ama Nigri (sweet shrimp) - £3.20/2pcs or £4.80/4pcs
Tamago Nigri (omelette) - £2.40/2pcs or £3.60/4pcs

Main Course

Futomaki (for 2 people - big seaweed roll filled with prawn, egg, avocado, crab, cucumber and pickles) - £5/8pcs or inside out £6
Dragon roll maki (inside-out seaweed roll with tempura prawns, dressed with tobiko) - £6/8pcs
Temaki hand rolls (choice of California, salmon, tuna, eel, tempura prawn or 2 x vegetables) - £3 each
Sushi box (10 pieces - salmon, tuna, prawn and octopus nigiri, 6 pieces of cucumber maki) - £6.50
Vegetarian box (2 omelette nigiri, 8 inari and avocado maki, 6 pieces cucumber maki) - £6.50
Deluxe sushi box (28 pieces - 4 futomaki, 6 tuna mayonnaise maki, 3 cucumber maki, 3 takuwan maki, 2 salmon nigiri, 2 tuna nigiri, 2 ebi nigiri, 2 unagi nigiri, 1 tako nigiri, 1 ikura nigiri, 1 omelette nigiri, 1 inari nigiri) - £21.50
Salmon sashimi (fillet of fresh raw salmon) - £5.80/7pcs
Mixed sashimi (4 salmon, 2 tuna, 3 octopus, 2 sweet shrimps) - £11/11pcs
Grilled chicken ramen (soup noodles topped with slices of grilled chicken breast meat, seasonal greens, seaweed, menma and spring onion) - £5.25
Curry laksa (spicy curry coconut soup with slices of grilled chicken breast, slices of fish cake, prawn and squid. Served with vermicelli noodles, garnished with tofu, beansprouts and cucumber) - £5.75
Japanese udon (thick white noodles in soup topped with prawns, slices of pork, fish cake and egg. Garnished with seasonal greens, seaweed, and menma) - £5.75
Char siu pork ramen (soup noodles topped with slices of Chinese style roasted pork, seasonal greens, menma and spring onion) - £5
Seafood ramen (soup noodles topped with grilled salmon, prawns, scallops, naruto, mussel & crab sticks. Garnished with seasonal greens, menma, seaweed and spring onion) - £6
Salmon teriyaki ramen (soup noodles topped with grilled salmon in teriyaki sauce, seasonal greens, seaweed and spring onions) - £5.75
Yaki udon (dashi based dipping sauce.
Wok fried thick white noodles with prawns, squid, pork, crab sticks, Chinese mushrooms, onions and beansprouts) - £5.50
Char siu pork chow mein (wok fried noodles with shredded Char Siu pork, Chinese mushrooms, bamboo shoots, beansprouts, carrots and onions) - £5
Singapore rice noodle (wok fried thin rice noodles with egg, shredded chicken and pork, prawns, onions, carrots, beansprouts and chilli, served with lime pieces) - £5.50
Vegetarian chow mein (wok fried noodles with strips of deep fried tofu, beansprouts, bamboo shoots, Chinese mushrooms, carrots and onions) - £4.75
Beef or chicken with chilli & black bean lo mein (stir fried beef or chicken with onion and pepper in black bean sauce with a
touch of chilli oil) - £5
Roast duck lo mein (slices of roast duck, served on steamed noodles with barbecue sauce, garnished with Chinese greens) - £5.30
Tori katsu don (deep fried chicken breast in bread crumbs, cooked in sake sauce with egg and onions, served on steamed rice, garnished with seaweed - £5.50
Malaysian chicken curry & rice (chicken on the bone, stewed with traditional spices, curry leaves, lemongrass and coconut milk, served with steamed rice) - £4.95
Ebi katsu curry (deep fried king prawns in breadcrumbs with thick Japanese curry sauce, served with steamed rice) - £5.50
'Soo Choi' vegetarian fried rice (egg fried rice with finely diced Chinese mushrooms, baby corn, peppers, onions, bamboo shoots and water chestnuts, accompanied with a bowl of vegetarian miso soup) - £5
White fish in black bean sauce & rice (deep fried, seasoned, lightly battered cod fingers on steamed rice, topped
with black bean sauce with peppers and onions, served with steamed rice) - £5
Salmon teriyaki & rice (grilled salmon in teriyaki sauce, served with steamed rice and green salad) - £5.75


Desserts available on request

Additional Information


296 - 298 Upper Richmond Road, Putney, SW15 6TH

Nearest tube:

East Putney

Average Price:

£24 and under

Opening times:

Sun - Thurs 12pm - 11pm
Fri - Sat 12pm - 11.30pm

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