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It’s not everyday a restaurant is named after a 19th century Bangladeshi poet come playboy, but there’s more than a famous name to grab your attention at Hason Raja. Rafu, the soft-spoken manager, has concentrated the experiences of his 28 years in the industry into creating a substantial menu of self-styled Indian and Bangladeshi dishes, as genuine as any served this side of the Orient. Whether you like your food hot, mild or Westernised there’s plenty to choose from, such as shamdo chicken (medium hot) and ramo chicken (hot), cooked in an iron souk - both recommended by the chef. Children might prefer the very mild malai chicken tikka, created with their younger palates in mind. Painted mainly in mint green with matching and immaculate suede Italian furniture decorated with fresh flowers, there’s a modern feel to the place. So why the name of an old celebrity? "I admire Hason Raja’s truth. I love him," says Rafu.

Full a la carte


Starter selection(an assortment of queen prawns, salmon, murg tikka and brocolli) - £5.95
Murg tikka(cubes of tender chicken in spice skewered and char grilled in a tandoor) - £3.95
Khask sheek kebab(finely minced lamb seasoned in a variety of aromatic spices) - £3.95
Hyderabadi shikampuri(vegetable and yam patties with a filling made from dried plums) - £3.50
Tandoori phool(roasted broccoli with olives and crushed peppers) - £2.95
Kumbeki sheek kebabs(mushrooms, yam and paneer mixed with a variety of spices) - £3.95
Monk fish tikka(chunks of monk marinated in herbs and mildly spiced) - £6.50
Salmon celery tikka(chunks of Scottish salmon marinated with celery & green herbs) - £4.50
Phocha hera jhinga(marinated prawns in a crisp light batter) - £4.95
Kalamari pukthooni(succulent squid tossed with goan peri peri, red-hot sauce with onions and peppers) - £3.95

Main Course

Tandoori murgh(whole leg and tender breast of chicken marinated in a special spices) - £6.95
Murg tikka(cubes of tender spice chicken skewered and char grilled in tandoori) - £7.50
(malai chicken tikka(tender boneless chicken marinated in a special yogurt sauce and barbecued in a clay oven- very mild) - £7.50
Tandoori paslion(rack of lamb marinated with spices, grilled in clay oven and served in a sauce) - £10.95
Tandoori platter(an assortment of tandoori chicken, chicken tikka, lamb chops, sheek kebab and king prawns) - £13.95
Tandoori jhinga(marinated mildly spice jumbo king prawn) - £13.95
Tandoori sea bass(lightly spiced marinated whole fish) - £11.95
Mahi tikka(chunks of fresh red snapper with carom and mildly spiced) - £11.95
Dumka lobster(Scottish/Devon lobster steamed in a delicate sauce of mace, cumin and saffron) - £24.95
Anari chaamp(tawa grilled lamb in a star anise and pomegranate sauce) - £12.95
Jungly mache(richly spiced lamb, char grilled with aromatic whole spices, onion and peppers) - £9.95
Rara rogan josh(a classic hot lamb curry; diced chunks of lamb cooked in it's own juices and simmered with an abundance of onions and tomatoes)£7.50
Shathkora mangsho(diced shank of lamb cooked with wild Bangladeshi lemons) - £9.95
Kandari pasanda(mild roasted sliced lamb, cooked with almonds) - £9.95
Murg jalfrezi(succulent chicken cooked with onion, an assortment of peppers and pungent green chillies) - £9.95
Murg tikka massala(cubes of succulent chicken cooked in a rich cream and tomato sauce; enriched with honey and butter) - £9.95
Murg mirch ka salon(chicken cooked with red bullet chillies) - £7.50
Murg soped kurma(a traditional mild chicken curry, cooked with onions and cashew nuts) - £8.50
Garlic murg tawa(chefs special recipe, chicken cooked with tomatoes and green peppers finished with a touch of ginger and garlic) - £9.95
Goose ki parchy(French goose in an aniseed and poppy seed blueberry sauce) - £11.95
Macher jholl(traditional Bangladeshi fish curry) - £9.95
Machli massala(de-boned tilapia fish cooked with onions, tomatoes, pepper and coriander spice) - £9.95
Jhinga piaza(queen prawns lightly seasoned with a variety of herbs and spices; ajwani seed, pomegranates with onion and curry leaves) - £9.95
Jhinga sukha(whole king prawns fried in butter, specially cut and cooked with thick sauce) - £13.95
Lamb biryani(basmati rice with baby lamb pieces, simmered in aromatic spices) - £11.95
Chicken biryani(basmati rice with chicken pieces, simmered in aromatic spices) - £11.95
Sobzi biryani(basmati rice with spiced vegetables) - £9.95
Samundori biryani(scallop, squid and prawns with basmati rice) - £12.95
Tandoori king prawn biryani(basmati rice with king prawn, simmered in aromatic spices) - £15.95


A dessert menu is available on request

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84 Southampton Row, WC1B 4BB

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Average Price:

£25 - £34

Opening times:

Everyday 12pm-12am

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